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how to get infected, symptoms and consequences – Time

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how to get infected, symptoms and consequences – Time

Ghanaian authorities have confirmed two suspected positive cases of the Marburg virus, similar to the Ebola virus, which would be the first in the country and the second in West Africa, after the virus was identified last year in Guinea. The director general of the Ghanaian health service, Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, said that “the disease (Marburg hemorrhagic fever, ed.) Was suspected after the identification of two people who matched the definition of acute hemorrhagic fever, in two places distinct of the Ashanti region. Preliminary results suggest that the infection is due to the Marburg virus. The samples were sent for confirmation to the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal, with the help of the WHO ». Kuma Aboagye also reported that a total of 34 patient contacts, both of whom died, ‘have been identified and quarantined. They are under the supervision of the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate ”. He then invited the population to go to the doctor if they experience symptoms of the disease.

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WHO representative in Ghana, Francis Kasolo, said that “the health authorities are on the ground, investigating the situation and preparing to respond to a possible outbreak. We are working closely to increase detection, contact tracing and we are prepared to control the spread of the virus ». Kasolo stressed that WHO is deploying experts to support the Ghanaian authorities in these efforts.

Symptoms of Marburg virus disease include headache, regurgitation of blood and muscle aches. Infection is transmitted by contact with infected blood and other body fluids or tissues. There are no vaccines or approved treatments to deal with this virus. In Africa, there have been outbreaks and sporadic cases in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda, in addition to the case found in August 2022 in Gueckedou prefecture in southern Guinea. It is called the Marburg virus because the first known outbreak, with about thirty people affected, occurred in West Germany in 1967, in Marburg and Frankfurt, with two other cases in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It was caused by some infected monkeys, who were sent to three different laboratories in Europe.

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