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how to get it and where to use it. The Faq- breaking latest news

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from Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini

In yellow and orange no prohibition for those who are vaccinated. But if the red zone is triggered, the squeeze remains valid for everyone

When does the new decree come into force?

On 6 December and will be valid until 15 January 2022.

How many green passes are there?

Two: the “basic” green pass and the “reinforced” one.

How do you get the “enhanced” green pass?

If you get vaccinated or cured.

E the “base” one?

With molecular buffer valid for 72 hours or antigenic buffer valid for 48 hours.

How long does it last “strengthened”?

Nine months from the last administration, or from the certificate of recovery.

What happens if you don’t take the third dose?

Nine months after the second, the “strengthened” is no longer valid.

Does the decree apply in the white zone?

Yes, but whoever has the “strengthened” green pass can do everything.

What are the prohibitions in the white zone for those who have the “base”?

He cannot go to indoor restaurants, stadiums and sports halls, he cannot go to the cinema or the theater, he cannot enter discos, nor participate in parties or public ceremonies.

Who can play sports indoors?

In the white and yellow area, to go to the gym, to the swimming pool, or to indoor sports clubs, the obligatory “basic” green pass is enough to access the changing rooms.

In the orange zone, can you go to the gym with the “base”?

No, in the orange area, gyms, swimming pools and indoor sports clubs are accessible only to those who have the “strengthened”.

In the yellow and orange area are there any prohibitions for those who have the “base”?

Yes, he cannot go to indoor restaurants, stadiums and sports halls, cinemas or theaters, discos, nor participate in parties or public ceremonies.

In the yellow zone, does the rule of four at the restaurant table apply to those who have the “strengthened”?

No, it can also be more people.

Are discos open in the yellow zone?

Yes, but only those who have the “strengthened” can enter.

Do bars and restaurants close in the orange area?

No, they remain open. But only those who have the “strengthened” can stay indoors.

And the ski slopes?

The lifts are always open. In the white and yellow area it is enough to have the “base”. In the orange zone you must have the “strengthened”.

Will stadiums, cinemas and theaters have fewer seats in the orange zone?

There will be no reduction in capacity, only those who have the “strengthened” will enter.

Which green pass do you need for fairs?

Just the “base” in all areas of color.

Will I be able to continue getting on the bus, subway and local trains without a green pass from 6 December?

No, you need to have at least the “base”.

Do the kids have to have it too?

Yes, ages 12 and up.

What kind of green pass do I need to show for high-speed trains?

It “bases”.

And to get on the plane?

It “bases”.

Should I wear the mask outdoors in the white area?

No, it is only mandatory indoors.

Do you need an outdoor mask in the yellow, orange and red areas?

Yes, mandatory.

In the red zone, can those who have the “strengthened” green pass do everything?

No, the government hasn’t changed the rules of the red zone. In this range, restrictions apply for everyone, even for vaccinated and recovered people. Only essential shops will remain open. Bars and restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and sports clubs will be closed.

Will the hotels always be open?

Yes, the hotels remain open but already in the white zone the “base” is also used for the internal areas: restaurant, swimming pool, gym, wellness center and changing rooms.

Do I need to be healed or vaccinated to go to work?

No, the “base” will suffice.

Has the tampon life been reduced?

No, the molecular lasts 72 hours, the antigenic 48.

Is it possible to go to the canteen with the “base”?

No, you need the “strengthened”.

What risks does the worker who enters the office without a green pass risk?

The suspension from work and salary and a fine ranging from 600 to 1500 euros.

Can those who do not check also be sanctioned?

Yes, it risks from 400 to 1000 euros.

The compulsory vaccine for teachers? And since when?

Yes, on 15 December the compulsory vaccination for teachers and administrative staff of the school starts.

Will military and police forces be required to be vaccinated?

S, from December 15th.

What changes for doctors and nurses?

The obligation for the third dose has been introduced and from 15 December also the administrative staff of the health care will have to get vaccinated.

Who can do the third dose of the vaccine?

Starting from 1 December, all Italians who have reached 18 years of age can do it.

After how many months can the booster or the third dose be done?

5 months after the last administration.

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