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how to leave well and without stress (with advice from paediatricians) – breaking latest news

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how to leave well and without stress (with advice from paediatricians) – breaking latest news

From wake-up time to sleep and meal times. The key word for starting lessons on the right foot is to immediately set some rules to maintain over time

Starting off on the right foot at school is important to ease the tension and stress of recovery and to immediately adopt those good habits that allow children, and parents, to live peacefully all year round.

Pediatricians’ advice

The Italian Society of Preventive and Social Paediatrics (SIPPS) has drawn up a Decalogue of useful advice dedicated to children and parents:

1) Get organized. Set the alarm time so you can start the day without rushing, remembering to have a hearty breakfast. To speed up morning operations, it is worth preparing a school bag and clothes in the evening, so as to allow the child to sleep a little more and, above all, have time to eat breakfast calmly, without being anxious.
2) Sleep. The time has come to resume a regular sleep routine, which is a real panacea for adults and children. It is best to adopt the new times already during the last days of rest, so as to have sufficient hours to rest and avoid – before going to bed – the use of tablets, video games or TV.
3) Eat. Even on the food front, it is necessary to resume healthy and regular habits with five meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack and dinner), preferring a varied, Mediterranean diet and foods from organic cultivation.
4) Doing homework: one of the most difficult aspects of returning to school is adapting to daily homework again, which the student must consider as a further educational process and not, instead, as a punishment. Parents must help them with homework but must not do it for them. The best way to be close to your children in this activity is to establish a study time from the first week.
5) Being with your children. If possible, accompany your children to school by taking a walk together. Walking and talking on the way to school is certainly a better option than driving to the steps of the school.
6) Zero anxiety. Do not transmit anxiety to the child in organizing times and commitments which, inevitably, parents must consider when resuming daily life. Furthermore, it is important not to criticize school or teachers in front of your children and not to complain about the multiple expenses you have to pay for books and teaching materials.
7) On time. Preparing in advance to purchase everything needed for the school year will avoid stress for students and allow parents to make exchanges or returns in good time. It is better to involve children in choosing notebooks, books, backpacks, pens and pencil cases so that they feel like protagonists of their return to school.
8) For the little ones. Children, especially the youngest, must familiarize themselves with the environments and have time to get used to new things. The parents’ approach is fundamental and, if positive, will help their children to better accept the new beginning.
9) For the older ones. Older students, on the other hand, have the priority of reconnecting with their classmates to reconnect with the world of school in a pleasant way and resume lesson routines.
10) Organize your free time. Think about enrolling in sports or games courses structured for the year based on the child’s aptitudes. Practicing sport generates a release of endorphins which help improve mood and concentration, fundamental elements for being fit all year round.

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