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How to overcome stress in 24 hours with the ABC method and acquire immediate serenity

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Our life is a succession of commitments. From the morning when we get up to when we go to bed we face numerous more or less demanding activities. But no matter how fast you run sometimes you don’t have the time to do everything. Setbacks and unforeseen events always come at the worst time.

The first secret to efficiently manage our commitments and be able to do everything

One of the causes of stress is the lack of control over the things that happen around us. When we fail to do all the anxiety attacks us. Lack of control increases agitation, but there is a solution. You may be able to effectively manage numerous commitments and cope with any unforeseen events, so as to lower anxiety and stress. So.

Lack of planning is the first problem for those who find it difficult to carry out all their commitments. We often blame the weather and would like 48-hour days. In reality, the first secret is to be able to schedule events according to the daily time available. We can’t unload a truck full of boxes all at once. You cannot take the boxes all at once, you have to unload one box at a time. And to do this it takes time, an hour is not enough. If we plan to download everything in an hour we will fail and anxiety and stress will assail us. Time management is essential and in this article we suggest how to do it effectively and understand the secret of how to foresee the unexpected and have more time.

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How to overcome stress in 24 hours with the ABC method and acquire immediate serenity

Knowing what can be done and what cannot be done in the time available means planning. Since we have limited time, it is essential to understand which tasks to do first and which to leave out. In essence, it’s about giving each task a level of importance and urgency, then prioritizing. All the things that need to be done can be classified according to these 4 criteria: urgent and important (criterion A). Not urgent but important (criterion B). Urgent but not important (criterion C). Not urgent and not important (criterion D).

We write all the things to do (the classic to do list) and insert each task in one of the 4 criteria. Those that meet criterion D will be ignored. Let’s forget them. Those to be done immediately are the tasks that fall under criterion A. Those that fall into criterion B are activities to be planned with meticulousness. Those that fall under criterion C are tasks to be delegated.

Another tip is to determine the time it takes to complete a task, so that you can accurately plan when to do it.

In this way we will always have under control everything we have to do. Here’s how to overcome stress in 24 hours with the ABC method and gain immediate serenity.

Thanks to this method we will eliminate most of the activities of criterion A, the urgent and important ones. They are the ones that give the most stress. So we will eliminate a lot of the agitation and anxiety in doing things, because we will have already planned them.

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