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How to raise the immune system in adults

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Healthy immune system in a healthy body. It all depends on the lifestyle.

Strengthen the immune system it is more than ever a necessity considering the numerous factors that weaken our organism: stress, improper feeding, excessive use of antibiotics, sedentary lifestyle, poor night rest, physical fatigue.

Healthy lifestyle, what does it mean?

What is the answer we should all implement to combat weakening and strengthen ours immune system? Certainly the answer lies in adopting one healthy lifestyle, which groups together a series of correct behaviors that consist of aproper nutrition, which involves the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and a limitation in the intake of foods rich in saturated fat; it sport and the maintaining a balanced body weight; that banishes or limits bad habits such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

SleepFurthermore, this is also a good and healthy habit: during the night’s sleep, the human body processes the proteins introduced with the diet and uses them to fight potential pathogens.

To accompany a healthy lifestyle, you can make use of some resources offered by nature: there is, in fact, a variegated group of medicinal plants with an immunostimulating and adaptogenic action; these plants are an excellent aid in strengthening the weakened immune system.


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