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How to remove the diaper in the summer: advice from the pediatrician

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How to remove the diaper in the summer: advice from the pediatrician

On social networks and on parents’ chats, the recurring theme in recent weeks is “how to take my baby’s diaper off?”. The resumption of kindergarten is just over two months away, but many Italian families do not want to be caught unprepared. And with the aim of succeeding in a few steps, as every year, Dr. Google searches for techniques and tricks for a “quick sweeping”.

When should the diaper be removed?

But let’s be clear. First of all, is it really true that the diaper should be removed in the summer? The answer is no”. The nappy should be taken out of babies when the time is right! This usually occurs around 2 years of age for females and 3 years of age for males. But some children may need a little longer. That is, children must be able to understand what to do when they feel the sense of a full bladder. Only then, will they be able to hold back the pee until they are in the right place to do it.

Babies without diapers on the sand? Better not

by Elena Bozzola

The newborn as well as the small child are not born with the ability to decide to pee, or to hold it back. Only gradually do you learn to know when your bladder is full and learn how to start the contraction of the bladder muscle. And this is precisely the right time for ‘weaning’ from the diaper or ‘spannolinare’.

Never force or anticipate the times

If the choice of weaning them from the diaper in the summer is therefore not absolute, this season can be comfortable because the child is less dressed or undresses easily. In addition, there is less risk of getting your clothes wet, which could lead to a feeling of sorry for the little one.

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Forcing them, or anticipating the times for convenience, however, is counterproductive, if the child is not yet ready, it is better to wait. It is also wrong to scold them if they get wet. On the contrary, encouraging and guiding them is the best strategy because spannolatura is a long path, with ups and downs, not an immediate event. And small accidents along the way when the spannolatura seems to have already started happen often.

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by Cinzia Lucchelli

The best strategy

How to get started? You can try it with a reducer or a potty. The latter is usually more appreciated by young children: there are different shapes and colors, which can attract the child and encourage him to use. So it may be a good idea to involve him in the choice. The reducer may like it more if there is an older brother or sister in the house who already uses it. The urge to feel great is often a stimulus for the child.

When to start? You can therefore try immediately after lunch to invite the child to try the potty, perhaps in the company of books and toys. We also remember that imitating adults is one of the favorite activities of children. So you could try to imitate mom and dad or even your older brother by bathing a little duck specially placed in the potty for play. The important thing is not to be in a hurry, much less anxiety.

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Time and patience are precious allies. So we are wary of sprint programs, with the motto of “Goodbye to the diaper in 3 days” or “Sprint scrubbing”. Sooner or later the right time will come to remove the diaper for our baby and as soon as he has started talking and walking he will be able to control his bladder sphincter and pee in the potty.

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