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How to Sleep Well in Hot Weather: Tips from Sleep Medicine Specialist

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How to Sleep Well in Hot Weather: Tips from Sleep Medicine Specialist

Title: Expert Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in Hot Weather

Subtitle: Specialist in Sleep Medicine Suggests Strategies to Beat the Heat and Achieve Restful Sleep

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As the summer heatwave continues to sweep across the nation, many individuals find it increasingly challenging to get a good night’s sleep. High temperatures often disrupt the sleep structure, preventing the brain from entering a deep and restorative state. Acknowledging this issue, renowned sleep specialist Doctor Eduard Estivill shares some valuable advice on how to sleep well during hot weather.

Dr. Estivill emphasizes the importance of lowering both body and environmental temperature to enhance sleep quality. To achieve this, he suggests placing a damp towel on key areas such as the forehead, neck, behind the ears, or on the wrists. Additionally, he recommends taking a cold shower a few hours before bedtime, as doing so immediately prior can exacerbate the heat problem.

When it comes to using fans or air conditioning, Dr. Estivill cautions against their potential side effects. He warns that air conditioning can excessively dry out mucous membranes, leading to discomfort. Instead, he suggests cooling down the living room and allowing the cool air to circulate into the bedroom, rather than sleeping directly under the air conditioning unit.

While fans are a more viable option, Dr. Estivill advises against direct airflow. To maximize their effectiveness, he suggests ensuring proper ventilation throughout the sleeping area. In situations where opening windows for ventilation introduces unwanted light and noise, the sleep expert recommends utilizing earplugs and a sleep mask to block out external stimuli that may disrupt restful sleep.

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In an interview with Más Vale Late, Dr. Estivill emphasizes the significance of addressing and managing the impact of heat on sleep. By following these expert tips, individuals can create a more comfortable sleep environment and improve their chances of experiencing a good night’s sleep, even during hot weather conditions.

As temperatures persist in soaring, putting these simple yet effective recommendations into practice may hold the key to a refreshing and restorative night’s sleep, ensuring we are equipped to face the challenges of the following day.

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