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how to strengthen the immune system

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To defend ourselves from virus attacks, there is nothing better than the mechanisms that nature has foreseen through the immune system, but its effectiveness is not taken for granted. We can ensure that its operation is optimal and at maximum efficiency. With the advice of prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco, let’s see the directions to follow to strengthen our defenses.

It is precisely the case to say that in the fight against illnesses caused by microorganisms, we have a ally powerful, yes leads just like a battalion of soldiers ready to fight ea to defeat i enemies of our health.

As for any soldier though, why it is strong e prepared, there is a need for assure him good weapons, good clothing and a food to greet. The state of health of ours “army” therefore, in large part It depends from ours choices and how we take ourselves care of him.

Movement strengthens the defenses

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It is time to make a decision, without “if” and without “but”: life you, right supply and especially movement, I’m not anymore postponable. The various searches have shown that when doing sports the immune defenses yes lower in the former two hours subsequent to the financial year.

This answer is due to the cortisol, that is the hormone that the adrenal glands produce to allow one effort greater than normal, that “Employs” the immune defenses and the “runs out“Momentarily. Immediately after the reactivation overall of everything the organism instead, and particularly thereafter of the increase of the activity circulatory, it creates, so to speak, a rebound positive able to strengthen them.

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Nutrition and immune system

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The substances present in foods, in particular vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they help the immune system to function better. Here are the most useful e i foods that contain them in greater quantity :

  • C vitamin

    (citrus fruits, kiwi, chilli, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli of all kinds, potatoes);

  • Vitamin A

    (liver, milk and derivatives, egg yolk, herring, oysters, orange fruit and vegetables, lettuce, spinach);

  • zinc

(parmesan, liver, lamb, octopus, anchovies, cuttlefish, sardines, carrots);

  • selenium

    (fresh tuna, shellfish and mussels, bovine liver, corn, egg yolk, celery, spinach).

Medicines and supplements

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The assumption of supplements, even those for free sale, it should always be agreed with your doctor, who will know indicate those more suitable to compensate for any needs or shortcomings and, if necessary, strengthen the contribution vitamin and mineral in nutrition.

The system immune it also benefits greatly from probiotics. These “good” lactobacilli they calm down and keep in Balance the bacterial flora intestinal. As noted by many now Education, keep healthy the microbiota, It reflects positively on the whole the organism.

It also benefits from it the respiratory system, through a better operation of the immune system mucosal (Malt), that is what is expressed through the “Barriers” of the different organs and equipment; in some cases even that blood, that is, gods White blood cells capable of to destroy i battery they come in contact with.

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