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How to trade with speculation, data, and philosophical thinking? ft. Ryan, founder of FOMO Dog Club|square vocus

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How to trade with speculation, data, and philosophical thinking?  ft. Ryan, founder of FOMO Dog Club|square vocus

When I first started to observe the NFT circle, it happened to be the release of FOMO DOG. I watched the whole live broadcast under the sharing of my friends. In the end, I was really FOMO to prepare a MINT, but because of lack of preparation, I had no experience in MINT NFT and missed it. Best time to join.

Everyone knows the story behind it. The highest point of the FOMO DOG floor used to exceed 20E, but as the market environment changed, the attributes of the members attracted to join in the process were different, which led to the decline of the community atmosphere and the collapse of the floor price.

I still think this community is very good (non-holders). From the observations of my friends, FOMO DOG is one of the few communities that continues to operate and share regularly under the bear market.

I also learned a lot from the founder’s sharing this time. I cut out one of the words and put it at the beginning. Ryan said, “The vast majority of people should not actually trade NFTs, because you are purely gambling.” Let I recall that when I started FOMO from disbelief, belief, and experimentation, this was indeed the case. We screened investment targets (stocks, funds) with a very rigorous perspective, but believed in a very, very, very little and unobjective perspective. When NFTs go up, things often don’t go as expected.

Finally, and this time I think the most important point is that no matter what kind of investment or speculation you do, keep your body and mind as healthy as possible, as well as your wallet. Only by continuing to pay attention, participate in, and survive in the market can you be in the market. An investment opportunity stands out.

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In September 2021, when NFT and the entire market are about to enter a big bull market, Ryan & Raymond, senior Texas Hold’em players, took the lead in launching the FOMO Dog Club. Participated in well-known projects such as Neo Tokyo, CyberKongz, etc., and attracted well-known artists such as Chen Lingjiu and Ren Rongxuan to join.

FOMO Dog Club is known as “the strongest community of NFTs in the Chinese circle”. The founders Ryan & Raymond have unique insights into NFT projects, which drive the development of the entire community and have also cooperated with many Taiwanese projects.

Ryan, who has been studying speculative thinking for a long time, this episode integrates the speculative thinking of Texas Hold’em in the past, mixed with philosophy, spiritual thinking and analysis of human nature, and shares his views on the investment phenomena he has seen in the past and now, and how he views NFT transactions. Behavior? Is the so-called HODL in the currency circle really HODL? Want to know how Ryan trades? Don’t miss this episode!

Highlights of this episode:

· 00:50 Guest introduction

· 03:15 A Zhang misses BAYC

· 10:34 Will this be the last bull market?Views on a bear market

· 20:40 Are you a real Holder?Or just wait and see for a better appearance

· 30:30 Greed lowers your vigilance

43:10 The vast majority of people shouldn’t trade NFTs at all

53:20 Great traders will have their own methodology

· 1:00:15 Crypto culture makes it easy for everyone to let go of their original thinking direction and go into misunderstandings

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1:07:33 Views on the Metaverse

· 1:17:33 How should those who are watching the cryptocurrency field or NFT view this matter?

▶ Moderators: Charlie, A Zhang

Producer: Larry

Guest: Ryan

▶ Fomodog Club related



Official website: https://www.fomodog.club/fdchome

▶ Launched on time every Friday at 7:00 am, easy to listen to during commute time, understand the trend and pulse of the NFT field

▶ Welcome to follow the link below to get the latest news and activities

▶ Music source: Happy Excited Intro 32 by TaigaSoundProd

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