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How to use Google Bard in Italy, the competitor of ChatGpt (which is not officially available in the European Union)

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How to use Google Bard in Italy, the competitor of ChatGpt (which is not officially available in the European Union)

Italian will soon be one of the languages ​​envisaged by the system, but at the moment theItalia it is not one of the countries destined to take advantage of this tool. For the first expansion of Bard our country, but also all the others that are part of theEuropean Unionare not among those where Google’s artificial intelligence system can be used, immediately a direct competitor of ChatGptalready developed for some time since OpenAi. The chatbot to implement search engine services, launched two months ago, although until now it was only available in the United States It is in the UK for a content developer groupwill now reach 180 countries around the world, including Yemen, Zambia, Uruguay or the small Caribbean island of Curaçao but not theEuropa. “Not for now, but sooner or later we’ll get there too,” the Google CEO reassured at the time of the presentation Sundar Pichai. In the meantime, it ran to alternative systems to be able to use Bard despite this limitation, basically the same to be able to use the same ChatGpt in the days of the blockade.

How to use Bard in Italy

The most convenient and fastest way to use the services of the first public generative AI by BigG is again that of having a virtual private network (Vpn). Many services of this type are free or at most offer a 30-day trial. You pay for the first month, often at a reduced price, but you can then cancel the service at any time (such as NordVpn e Surfshark). As an alternative, other Vpn is AdGuard Vpn, free as long as the traffic does not exceed 3 gigabyte per month. A chatbot generally doesn’t require much bandwidth, so it could be a viable solution, like other VPN services with the same characteristics. They are downloadable services just for Windowshow much for Mac, iOS e Android. Once the program is installed, simply select one of the countries that are currently allowed to use Bard. This will simply simulate the connection as if it were made in a country where the service is currently available. At that point, just log in to Bard through your Google account and start talking to the Ai. There Vpn it can also be activated by browser users Opera (on which, for example, the United States as location, since by default Opera connects to European servers, subject to limitation). However, it must be remembered that the languages ​​currently recognized by the system are English, Japanese and Korean.

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The reasons for the exclusion (according to AI)

The countries ofEuropean Union I’m not among those where it can be used Bard. To give an answer to this, the artificial intelligence system itself, questioned by the online newspaper Winfuture.de. The exclusion is not accidental, but must be linked to the behavior and regulations of the community regulatory bodies. The main reason, although it may not be the only one, is that represented by the GDPR (the regulation on the protection of personal data and privacy approved by theEuropean Union and entered into force in 2018), but, replies the chatbotOnce the requirements are met, Bard it will also be able to reach Europe without problems.

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