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Bad surprise for a customer who reported some glass fragments inside the salad. This was reported by the Ministry of Health which reported the recall of a batch of canasta salad and cappuccia salad under the Biocolombini brand for the “presence of foreign bodies (glass) found by a customer inside the canasta salad product”. For the cappuccia salad it is – as he explains The Food Fact – a recall as a precaution given the proximity of cultivation despite the fact that there have been no reports.

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The products in question are related to the production lot 08/10/2021, and were sold to wholesalers, outlets and directly to consumers at the company shop. The salad was produced in the factory in via Le Prata snc, in Crespina, in the province of Pisa, by the company Biocolombini Srl Soc. Agric. Those who have purchased the product are advised not to consume it and bring it back to the store.

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Also on the day of October 14, the ministry published the recall of another food: a batch of ‘Natur’ Schnittkäse cutting cheese under the Hof zu Fall brand. The reason? “The presence of Producing Escherichia coli of Shiga-toxin STEC “. The food is sold in forms of 2 kilos with lot number 622 03.09.2021 and the minimum shelf life 12/10/2021 (already passed at the time of the recall, which is dated 13/10 / 2021).

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