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“Humanoids” patrolling the surface of Mars?There is also a half-moon-shaped underground entrance behind | the surface of Mars | humanoids | patrols |

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“Humanoids” patrolling the surface of Mars?There is also a half-moon-shaped underground entrance behind | the surface of Mars | humanoids | patrols |

[Voice of Hope July 6, 2022](Editor: Guo Xiao)People have been curious about the universe for a long time. As early as in ancient times, human beings were very interested in the stars and meteorites in the sky. Due to the lack of advanced equipment at that time, some mysterious phenomena were incomprehensible and even considered to be symbols of evil. When people invented the astronomical telescope, they looked at the stars and discovered that the extraterrestrial world was so beautiful. The progress of science and technology has made people gradually understand a real cosmic space, and the efforts of scientists have allowed us to see farther in the vast cosmic space. With the deepening of human exploration, the scope of people’s cognition of the universe is also constantly expanding and extending. We all know that Mars is a desolate planet, but some aspects are very similar to the earth, so it has always attracted the attention of scientists!

Mars is also the closest planet to the earth. Scientists have collected a lot of evidence in repeated studies, and these evidences prove that Mars once had rivers, lakes and seas. From this, scientists speculate whether civilization has ever been bred on this planet. But what puzzles scientists is that when the surface of this planet gradually dries up and slowly turns into a desert, where have all the civilizations on this planet gone? In fact, the photos of the probes sent by scientists to Mars after they were sent back to Earth have confirmed that some signs of civilization have indeed been found here. And such research can always arouse heated discussions among netizens. It has also been suggested that if Mars can accommodate human habitation, many people should migrate to Mars.

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But has civilization ever existed on this planet? Not long ago, an American astronaut had determined that an unnoticeable earthquake had occurred on the planet. In fact, it stands to reason that this is a planet that has been dead for a long time, and there should be no plate movement. So where did the detected earthquake come from? Just when this problem has not been solved, the probe launched by NASA to Mars returned two more photos, which made everyone hotly debated. It turns out that the content of these two pictures seems to give us new ideas. In the first picture, we can see that there is an entrance to the underground half-moon, and this entrance is on a small slope in a desert. The second photo shows signs of a humanoid creature.

The entrance to the underground half-moon (Image: NASA)

The ‘humanoid’ acts as if it were patrolling the surface of Mars. The connection of the two photos gives the impression that “this man” came out of the entrance and was monitoring the surface of Mars, indicating that this “humanoid” is likely to live underground on Mars. Some researchers have said that life on Earth may have lived on Mars a long time ago, and then came to Earth through some meteorites on Mars, but there is no direct evidence to prove this statement. But no matter what happens to Mars, scientists still have high hopes for this planet, hoping that Mars will become a good choice for humans to migrate to space in the future, but this also requires scientists to continue to explore and research Mars. Just unravel the mystery.

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