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“I am alive, I have very acute and infectious bronchitis”

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“I am alive, I have very acute and infectious bronchitis”

Pope Francis Speaks Out About Health Concerns

Pope Francis has addressed concerns about his health, following reports of the flu and inflammation of the respiratory tract that have affected him in recent days. Speaking to the press, the Pontiff joked, “I’m still alive”, while acknowledging that he is suffering from “very acute and infectious bronchitis. Thank God it wasn’t pneumonia”. He also mentioned that he no longer has a fever, but is still taking antibiotics.

The cancellation of his trip to Dubai, at the request of his doctors, was explained by the Pope due to the hot climate and the abrupt change in temperature from the extreme heat to air conditioning. He stated that in his current bronchial situation, it is not convenient to subject himself to such conditions.

During an audience with participants in a seminar on “Ethics in healthcare management”, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of well-being and preventive medicine. He stressed that poorly cared for health can lead to fragility and expressed a preference for preventive medicine to avoid health emergencies. The Pontiff also spoke about the need to ensure the well-being of the person, rather than simply relying on medical or pharmacological solutions.

Apologizing for his weakened state, Pope Francis stated, “Excuse me because I can’t speak more, but I don’t have the strength.” Despite his health issues, the Pope continues to engage in his duties and inspire others with his words of wisdom and compassion.

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