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“I asked the nurse for help, she said no”

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“I asked the nurse for help, she said no”

Little Carlo Mattia suffocated in the middle of the night, due to an adult’s mistake. The newborn, who came into the world on January 5, was in bed with his mother in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Sandro Pertini hospital in Rome, when he died of suffocation three days later, presumably from the milk he was drinking. But it will be the autopsy to clarify the causes of death.

Ten minutes earlier, the nurse on duty had gone around the ward and the little one was fine. What happened to Carlo Mattia in those ten minutes? This is the obsessive question that the child’s mother is asking herself in these hours, writes Alessia Marani of Il Messaggero.

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Ignored by the nurse

According to the testimony of the 29-year-old woman who lives in Palombara Sabina, north-east of the capital, she asked for help because she was exhausted after 17 hours of labor, «but no one came to my rescue. They ignored me about her »and now for her, mother for the first time, the darkest nightmare has begun. And if the Rome prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into manslaughter – at the moment against unknown persons – the ASL 2 to which Pertini belongs, justifies itself with a note: «They say they have guaranteed all the necessary assistance, that new mothers an authorization to keep the children with them is signed… Beautiful words, too bad they are not true», says Carlo Mattia’s mother.

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Investigators are examining those 10 minutes, fatal for the baby, who was born healthy and was fine, which is why the parents immediately asked a team of lawyers for help because they want the truth. “Several times I asked the ward to be helped because I couldn’t manage on my own and to take the child to the nursery for a few hours to allow me to rest, yet I was always told no”, while the exhausted woman made a ‘enormous effort, also because due to the Covid restrictions, access by relatives can be very short.

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