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Thus the Supreme Court, which rejected the migrant transfer program developed by the conservative government led by Rishi Sunak
The British Supreme Court has ruled against the plan to send migrants to Rwanda: asylum seekers would not be safe in the African country.
The highest level of British justice believes that the transfer program to Rwanda, developed by the conservative government led by Rishi Sunak, does not rest on solid foundations.
The five supreme judges ruled unanimously confirming the previous verdict of the London Court of Appeal according to which Rwanda cannot be considered a safe third country. It is in fact possible that the authorities in Kigali will send the migrants back to their country of origin from which they fled: for this reason the controversial plan violates human rights laws, potentially leaving the people sent to Rwanda in a position of exposure to risks.
A resounding defeat for Prime Minister Sunak but also for the former Home Affairs Minister, Suella Braverman, recently sacked for an attack on the leaders of Scotland Yard who had supported this solution.
A victory instead for refugee defense associations.

Sunak’s reaction
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reiterated his willingness to do “everything necessary” to stop the landings of migrants on English coasts despite the Supreme Court verdict.
“This was not the outcome we wanted but we have spent the last few months planning for every eventuality and we remain completely focused on the goal of stopping the landings”

(Euronews of 11/15/2023)

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