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“The “Soccorso Civile” organization expands to another 10 people. There are now 17 of them who take the risk of criminal consequences to help sick people end their suffering”. This is what we read in a note from the Luca Coscioni association. “10 other people joined Marco Cappato, Mina Welby, Gustavo Fraticelli, Felicetta Maltese, Chiara Lalli, Virginia Fiume and Marco Perduca in organizing civil disobedience actions at the end of life. Here are their names: Cinzia Fornero (51 years old , Turin), Cosimo (Mino) Dentizzi (71 years, Campobasso), GI (25 years, Como), Luca Piva (46 years, Milan), Mariasole Cavarretta (34 years, Crotone), Matteo Giusti (38 years, Prato) , Paola Zaldera (65 years old, Biella), Renato Michelotti (65 years old, Livorno), Roberta Pelletta (71 years old, Genoa), Tommaso Colombini (61 years old, Florence)”, adds the note. “Enlargement is essential to meet an ever-increasing demand. The number of people to whom the Luca Coscioni Association has increased by 111%, through all its channels, including the White Number at the end of the last 12 months vita (06 9931 3409), first provided information and then, in some cases, practical help on the subject, starting with the form for requesting verification of the conditions for accessing the so-called “assisted suicide” in Italy”.

Information or help for Switzerland – where the practice is legal – is provided by Marco Cappato with Civil Assistance. Specifically, in total, in the last year, there were 351 people who requested information of this type (against 166 in the previous 12 months), or almost 30 per month. 62 requests since January 2023 (+313% compared to 15 in the same period of the previous year). While 1,246 is the number of people who more generally asked for information on the end of life (Living Will, palliative care, interruption of therapies).
The patients who have asked Marco Cappato for help to reach Switzerland through Soccorso Civile (www.soccorsocivile.org), the association he founded in 2015 together with Mina Welby and Gustavo Fraticelli and of which he is the legal manager, have also increased. to affirm the fundamental rights of the people through actions of civil disobedience.
Just to meet the requests, Marco Cappato had launched a public appeal for other people to take on the legal risks with him. The invitation was immediately accepted by the activist Felicetta Maltese and the journalist and bioethicist Chiara Lalli, who in December 2022 accompanied Massimiliano, a Tuscan suffering from multiple sclerosis, to Switzerland.
At the disposal of Soccorso Civile, as already announced, also former Senator Marco Perduca and Virginia Fiume, co-president of the pan-European movement of citizens EUmans. “I salute the courage of those who are ready to pay personally to defend their convictions and everyone’s freedom – declared Marco Cappato, Treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association and founder of the Civil Rescue Association -.
We are committed to helping two other people to go to Switzerland, one of whom is already in Bologna in the next few days” and Filomena Gallo, lawyer and secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association “we are under no illusions about the ability of this Parliament to deal with adequately the question to respond to the urgency of patients who want respect for their choices at the end of life; for this reason it is important that in the silence of parliamentary halls it is the halls of justice that express themselves on what we consider a fundamental right, and that we will also ask the European Union to recognize and guarantee” The next sick people who will be accompanied to Switzerland will not can access the technique in Italy because, as in the recent precedents of Massimiliano, Romano (parkinsonism) and Elena Altamira (oncological patient), they do not possess one of the requisites set out in the Cappato-Antoniani Consulta ruling 242/2019, i.e. they do not they are “kept alive by life support treatments”.In our country, thanks to the civil disobedience of Cappato for the help provided to Fabiano Antoniani and therefore thanks to the sentence 242 of the Constitutional Court, the “assisted suicide” is possible legally when the sick person who requests it is affected by an irreversible pathology, a source of intolerable physical or psychological suffering, pious naturally capable of making free and conscious decisions and – in fact – is kept alive by life support treatments. These conditions must have been verified by the NHS, as happened in the case of Federico Carboni, who last June was able to access “assisted suicide” without the help provided constituting a crime”, concludes the statement from the Coscioni association.
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the association does not receives and is against public funding (also 5 per thousand)
Its economic strength are inscriptions and contributions donated by those who deem it useful


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