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“I caught an intestinal parasite”

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Ignazio photographs himself shirtless, with his abs sculpted in plain sight, demonstrating that he is back in perfect shape. “Have you got over that damn physical problem?” asks a follower, and he replies: “I would say yes, it is not yet understood where and how I got this intestinal parasite but the important thing is that now the thing is overcome. I went back to eating and training as before and more than before … I will surely remember it as an experience of me … “.

To another curious follower he also replies with sincerity, always showing off his sculpted physique. “What did the frailty that you showed a short time ago teach you?” is the question. And Moser: “He taught me that superheroes only exist in Marvel movies and that we all have limits that we must listen to and not always try to overcome.”

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