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“I don’t recognize people’s faces.” What is prosopagnosia

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“I don’t recognize people’s faces.”  What is prosopagnosia

Brad Pitt shocks his fans. After declaring that he feels at the end of his career, making it clear that his withdraw is approaching, here is another piece of news that leaves you speechless. In an interview with GQ, the Hollywood actor reveals he suffers from one disease which prevents him from recognize faces of people: the prosopagnosia. The movie star said he suffered from this particular “facial blindness»Not diagnosed.

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According to Brad Pittwho has never been formally diagnosed with prosopagnosia, which experts describe as a condition in which “it is not possible recognize people’s faces», Has difficulty remembering new people and recognizing their faces, especially in social contexts such as parties.

His difficulty in remembering faces worries a lot Brad Pittwho stated that he often felt that people he met had a negative impression of him making him in the eyes of others always very detached and self-centered.

And for the Hollywood star this is a big problem. He would always like to remember who he meets and is very ashamed when he himself cannot recognize the face of a person he has already met.

According to experts, the prosopagnosia developmental disease, which also affects individuals who have not suffered brain damage, is found in one in 50 people. The condition often affects people from birth and typically remains a problem throughout life.

“Many people with prosopagnosia I am not able to recognize family, partner or friendsSay the scholars, noting that the condition can lead to social anxiety disorders. A brain injury or a stroke they can also lead to the development of prosopagnosia which, in this case, turns out to be acquired and not from birth.

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Speaking with GQ, the actor also explained how no one believes his disease and that he would very much like to meet another person with his own condition to finally be understood by someone. This is not the first time Brad Pitt speaks publicly about his inability to recognize faces and the consequent impact the difficulty has on his reputation. People see it as a disrespect, but the Oscar winner actually suffers from prosopagnosia. This has also led the actor to suffer from depression, a depression that he defeated only in the last period when his friends and family have really understood his state of mind and the difficulties he encounters on a daily basis.

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