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«I hadn’t taken the test yet»

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«I hadn’t taken the test yet»

Renowned microbiology and virology expert, Professor Andrea Crisanti, has tested positive for Covid-19, three years after the outbreak of the pandemic. The professor, who has been on the front line in Veneto in the battle against coronavirus, announced with a post on Thursday that he had contracted the virus for the first time.

“I am positive for Covid with a slight cold and a very high viral load. Thanks to the elimination of containment measures I could freely go around spreading the infection with the risk of causing a serious illness in a fragile person,” he said in his announcement.

Crisanti’s alarm has sparked a series of reactions, with concerns raised about his recent presence on an Ita Airways flight from Rome to Venice. When asked about his decision to take the flight while showing symptoms, Crisanti responded, “No. I hadn’t taken the test yet. Shortly before taking the flight I had felt some symptoms, so I wore a mask as a precaution. Once home, I took a swab and discovered it wasn’t a simple cold but Covid.”

Despite recently being vaccinated, Crisanti emphasized the importance of vaccination, noting that the symptoms are mild and he is already in the process of testing negative. With the virus resurfacing during the winter months, he stressed the importance of ongoing vigilance and vaccination, especially for the elderly and vulnerable populations.

The professor also expressed concern about the low participation in the 2023-24 winter vaccination campaign in Italy, attributing it to misinformation and the government’s relaxation of containment measures. “All vaccinations, including mandatory ones, have decreased,” he said. “The result is that only 5% of the frail and elderly population is vaccinated against Covid.”

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In response to whether the government is underestimating the danger, Crisanti expressed his disappointment, stating, “As an Italian, I am ashamed to have a Minister of Health who has contributed with policies and a lack of information to discourage vaccinations, after the vaccine was the measure that allowed us to emerge from the pandemic emergency.”

He called for continued prevention and protection for those who cannot get vaccinated and individuals with fragile immune systems, emphasizing the need to address the ongoing threat of Covid-19.

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