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“I have a few months to live”

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“I have a few months to live”

First the misdiagnosis, then the discovery that changed his life. The doctors had told a Dave Whitford, 49, that an insect bite had given him an infection. Actually those headaches and dizziness were due to a brain tumor. “I have a few months left,” he said.

Dave Whitford was sitting in the garden when he first fell ill. He started vomiting and felt dizzy. After several hours in which his condition did not improve, he was taken to the hospital. Doctors who checked him told him it was an ear infection caused by an insect bite.

Nothing a little cortisone couldn’t fix. But the diagnosis was completely wrong, reports the Independent. Not only did that lump stay in place, but it continued to grow for two years until the doctors decided to operate on him to remove it. Thus, after histological examination, the correct diagnosis came: tumor. One of those incurable, that leave no way out. «You have between 12 and 18 months left to live», the words pronounced by the doctors to the man.

“When I found out, I cried. I was devastated,” said Dave Whitford, who now wants to tour all over the United States and has planned a party for his 50th birthday in advance (which will be next May), in case he doesn’t manage to celebrate it. He worked as a bus driver until he was diagnosed. Now he is at home with his family, enjoying every moment that remains with them.

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