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“I passed out, they gave me a drip.” What happened

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“I passed out, they gave me a drip.”  What happened

Guendalina Tavassi it ended in hospital in red code. To tell what happened was the same television commentator who explained in hers Instagram stories that he had a copious nosebleed that he couldn’t stop.

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The shelter

“Guys, here I am. I’m fine. Despite the curses they are still here. And nothing… After the hairdresser I decided to go to the hospital as well », Gwendolyn began ironically as she recounted what had happened after showing a photo of her on the hospital bed. “Anything. I came home and out of the blue, I start bleeding from my nose. But not in the normal way. As if it were an open faucet. For ten minutes. She never stopped. So they put me on an IV and kept it there for a while. My head is spinning a little and I feel like throwing up, but… Now I’m ordering a nice Mac sandwich and then I’ll watch the episode, that Edo’s on tonight ».

Emergency returned

Tavassi explained that she passed out due to massive blood loss and that she was hospitalized in red code. However, she did not go into detail explaining what happened, she preferred to maintain privacy and dedicate only a brief parenthesis to the episode, immediately showing the hospital report with the fast food dinner and commenting on the various parts of Big Brother vip.

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