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I smoke, it always starts earlier. 4% e-cig test in elementary school – Lifestyles

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Gateway to the use of traditional cigarettes and the consequences for health still unclear, the electronic cigarette is very popular among the very young, who always approach it earlier, in 4 cases out of 100 already in elementary school. The Italian Society of Infantile Respiratory Diseases (SIMRI) has launched the alarm, with ISS data, which, on the occasion of the National Congress of the Society underway in Verona, underlines: the sooner you start, the harder it is to stop.

A study conducted on 170,000 Italian students between the ages of 15 and 19 shows that the prevalence of those who smoked tobacco at least once in their life decreased between 2012 and 2018, while the rate jumped from 32.9% to 52%. share of those who have used an e-cig at least once. Furthermore, according to a survey by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (May 2021), 43.4% of children have tried electronic cigarettes in middle school but there is a 4.1% who have already done so in elementary school. Young people are now the main target of the advertising campaigns of e-cigs brands: to attract them are the aromas, which accentuate the perception that the electronic cigarette is less harmful than it really is.

“The immediate damage caused by electronic smoke is at the level of the respiratory tract, such as susceptibility to asthma and obliterating bronchiolitis”, underlines Massimo Landi, vice president of Simri. But the risks also come from the new devices (pod-mods) that “allow you to vape other substances other than those present in tobacco smoke”. And, above all, “young people who have tried electronic cigarettes at least once have a 3-4 times greater risk of starting to smoke traditional ones”, concludes Maria Elisa Di Cicco, councilor of Simri. (HANDLE).

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