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I tell the Corriere – People against elites The battle of Paris

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I tell the Corriere – People against elites The battle of Paris

Dear Aldo,
Macron wanted to revitalize democracy, but in the Elysée he concentrated power and accentuated his personification. The arbitrary use of Article 49.3 to push through the pension reform is proving to be a failure. The vote on the motion of no confidence expected for tomorrow. Even if Marine Le Pen’s Rn and Mlenchon’s Nupes pool their votes, they would not be enough to obtain a majority, 289. The right and the radical left could converge on the motion of a small moderate group, Liot, which would attract those deputies Rpublicains tempted to scuttle Madame Borne’s government.
Peter Mancini

Dear Peter,
Other readers have also asked for news of the revolt that is inflaming France (in a technical sense: after the fires of the last two nights, the police have banned demonstrations in the place de la Concorde and on the Champs-Elyses). As we said about ten days ago, the pension reform is the point of greatest friction between the elites and the people, between the establishment and the workers, between technocrats and voters. The point is that the exponents of the elites have interesting and well-paid jobs, and feel no need to retire, on the contrary they remain rich and powerful even in old age; the technocrats will also have their reasons, in elaborating studies and plans that demonstrate how the pension system with the lengthening of life, precarious contracts, demographic decline is not sustainable; but many voters have hard, low-paying jobs, and they don’t want to sacrifice themselves for others. On pensions Chirac lost the legislative elections of 1997, and had to cohabit for five years with the socialist Jospin. If tomorrow he fails in the vote of no confidence in the National Assembly, Macron would not be obliged to call new elections; he could launch a new government. But for him it would be a dramatic failure. In Parliament, the game is in the hands of the Rpublicains, the moderate right: it is very unlikely that they will agree to join the lepenists and melanchonists and throw France into chaos; an electoral battle between the extreme right and the extreme left would crush the Republicans; but its leader, Eric Ciotti, is weak and does not control his parliamentarians. In the country, the reasons for Macroni’s reformism are now in the minority. Protesters still have public support, and the president has never been more unpopular. But when the protest turns violent, when it targets the police, it ends up losing consensus; This is what happened with the Yellow Vests.

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I’m 56 and looking for a job, am I too old?

I am 56 years old and I’m from Milan. Five years ago I left my job as an employee, as the company I worked for moved out of Milan and had no more room for me. I took the opportunity to put into practice the dream of a lifetime, cooking. I became a home cook and organizer and preparer of small catering for events. I have embarked on a demanding and tortuous journey, made up of effort, renunciations, worries, but also of satisfactions. At least at first. Since the pandemic, the decline. I certainly didn’t stop and put into practice the previous experience gained in the field of marketing and communication, a sector in which I had the greatest training and which I continued to cultivate also jointly and for my new business. I made my own start-up, I promoted my culinary proposals and my brand. In the meantime, I offered myself for all kinds of work. I speak correct Italian and have a good knowledge of English, spoken and written. I proposed myself as a hostess for restaurants and clubs, as a kitchen assistant, as an event manager up to the company secretariat, as a promoter of household appliances, as a stand attendant for fairs and I could go on and on. And without great pretensions. Suddenly it seems that all the experience gained over many years of work no longer counts for anything. I hear myself say: are you, ma’am, 56 years old? We are sorry but we are looking for young staff to train, no more than 30/35 years old. But can a 56-year-old woman no longer have a working future, not even as a dishwasher? Tell me it’s not like that.
Isabella Ligi


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