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Ice gym in Moline, Cogne set to undergo first interventions for increased safety

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Ice gym in Moline, Cogne set to undergo first interventions for increased safety

Ice Climbing Gym in Cogne to Receive Upgrades for Increased Safety and Accessibility

The ice climbing gym in Moline, located in Cogne, will undergo renovations to improve safety and accessibility for enthusiasts. The project, set to begin in autumn, aims to be completed by winter.

The planned interventions will include the installation of steel nets to stabilize the slope and prevent rocks from collapsing. This will ensure the ice remains attached, providing a safer climbing experience. Additionally, metal profiles will be mounted on the heads to allow climbers to hook their ropes and ascend.

The council approved the definitive-executive project last June, allocating approximately 147 thousand euros for the renovations. Funding for the project was secured through Valle d’Aosta Gal, a local organization, providing 90 thousand euros. The remaining 57,000 euros will come from the municipal coffers.

Apart from safety improvements, the ice gym will also feature a lighting system to enable the practice of ice climbing even on the shortest days of the year. Furthermore, a people counter will be implemented to regulate the number of accesses. The facility will also offer introductory climbing courses and excursions with local guides, catering to climbers of all skill levels.

The popularity of ice climbing has been on the rise, particularly in the area of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The new facility aims to reduce the influx of climbers into the protected area and provide a suitable alternative for beginners. It is conveniently located near the town center, ensuring easy accessibility for all users.

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With the enhancements and increased security measures in place, the ice gym in Moline is set to become a premier destination for ice climbers. Enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying their favorite sport in a safer and more accommodating environment.

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