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IEG: Riminiwellness 2023 turns into a training ground for ideas – Economy and Finance

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IEG: Riminiwellness 2023 turns into a training ground for ideas – Economy and Finance

(Teleborsa) – Key word: innovation. RiminiWellness 2023, the festival of Italian Exhibition Group on stage at the Fiera di Rimini and the Riviera from 1 to 4 June 2023, is ready to come back and dictate the main trends in the fitness and wellness sector. This 17th edition, however, will not only be an opportunity to discover new workouts and sports practices live, but – explains IEG in a note – also a moment of discussion on innovative ideas and projects.

Indeed, developed with Sport and Health, RiminiWellness will host the INNOVATION IDEAS area and will present the WeSportUP projectthe first innovation accelerator dedicated to sport and wellness and part of the national network of accelerators CDP Venture Capital, which in research and collaboration with the best global startups and scale-ups has companies, institutions and investors on board. Here, all-Italian start-ups will present themselves to companies with pitches and speed meetings, to revolutionize the world of sport and offer creative and innovative ideas. Here are some of the innovative projects that will be present at RiminiWellness.

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has been assuming an increasingly important role in the world of sport, with the aim of optimizing physical exercise, making it suitable for every need, anytime and anywhere. From this idea was born the start-up Gymnasio, made up of 5 young engineers and designers Under 30, coming from the Milan and Turin Polytechnics, who decided to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence to monitor and correct the movements of users, even in small spaces and in real time, offering a real virtual personal trainer. More precisely, Gymnasio is a plug&play solution which, through the simple use of the webcam of your device, smartphone or PC, monitors your training and sends suggestions and corrections in real time. Furthermore, all data and progress are analyzed and processed to provide a truly customized training schedule. To date, the main application is in the world of fitness and yoga, but the goal is to create personalized experiences in every sporting activity.

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By fully respecting the primary objective of a healthy and active life, Eathlon aims, instead, to innovate the personalized nutrition sector by offering a completely digitized service to companies and end users. The technological heart of this project is a software that uses a complex internally developed and proprietary algorithm that generates ad-hoc food plans, processing hundreds of data and nutritional rules of the Mediterranean Diet and Functional Food.
With a more B2B approach, the Fitprime start-up aims to become the main corporate welfare service platform aimed at personal well-being. In fact, it allows people to keep fit both in the gym, by geolocating the closest sports centre, and at home, with virtual workouts. In addition, it provides a “Nutrition” section that allows you to create a tailor-made food plan together with expert nutritionists.

How to help the management of sports organizations – Some of the start-ups on stage at RiminiWellness also offer concrete support to sports organisations, helping them to optimize the management of sports centres, gyms and personal training studios. Your Personal Trainer fits into this context, a free platform that allows customers and professionals to get to know each other but, above all, allows them to book reserved and equipped spaces on-demand to make the training experience truly unique. The personal training studios can be booked and accessed via the YP Trainer APP, are set up for various disciplines, from yoga and pilates to functional training and are automated thanks to home automation. Always remaining within the management of sports organizations, Sportclubby aims to become the reference platform for booking sports and wellness. In fact, this start-up has created an innovative management system that allows you to better control the sports center, the studio, the gym and any activity that requires a reservation: from managing access directly from your smartphone to optimizing the center’s utility costs sporty with home automation connected to reservations. Furthermore, for the end user Sportclubby has created an app that allows, with the same experience, to book any sporting activity, organize matches and activities with friends, set one’s level and progress based on the results obtained.

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Fitness experiences that combine gaming – Trainect is also aimed at corporate well-being, which focuses on a gamified app to encourage activities aimed at psychophysical well-being in a simple and fun way, rewarding improvements with charity activities. Through a holistic vision, the Roman start-up wants to make all the initiatives that revolve around taking care of yourself, the people around you and the surrounding environment virtuous. A similar approach is also proposed by Healthy Virtuoso, which encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, stimulating them to improve their habits through loyalty, gamification and rewarding tools, also challenging friends and colleagues.

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