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If access to care is reduced to find space for specialties

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If access to care is reduced to find space for specialties

Physiotherapist Calls Out Absurd Preventing of Care Due to Lack of Specialists

In a letter to the director, physiotherapist Gianni Melotti raised concerns over the preventing of citizens from accessing care due to a lack of certain medical specialties. Melotti highlighted the issue of physiatrists being in short supply, causing barriers to accessing physiotherapy care.

Melotti argued that the requirement for a physiatrist referral before accessing physiotherapy care is unnecessary and serves as an “useless filter.” He pointed out that physiotherapists work in reference to diagnoses and prescriptions from any doctor, making the requirement for a physiatrist referral redundant.

The letter referenced a decree on pharmacies that laid the foundation for making physiatrists only a possible figure in the rehabilitation process. Melotti emphasized that a general practitioner’s referral should be sufficient to activate the work of a physiotherapist within their scope of practice.

The Minister of Health also echoed the need for new organizational lines in general medicine and emphasized the importance of integrating various professional figures, including physiotherapists, to improve access to care.

In conclusion, Melotti questioned the rationale behind preventing treatment in 2024 due to the absence of a specialist that is not considered central in the medical world but only possible in rehabilitation. The letter called for a reevaluation of old practices that could hinder access to essential care for citizens.

Overall, the letter shed light on the importance of streamlining access to healthcare services and ensuring that citizens receive timely and efficient care without unnecessary barriers.

– Gianni Melotti, Physiotherapist
April 11, 2024

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