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If Amazon also tries to turn into TikTok

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If Amazon also tries to turn into TikTok

Instagram first, then Facebookthen Instagram again, then Google and now also Amazon: for over a year now, all the major Internet players seem to have the sole purpose of become like TikTok.

It happens in the world of social networkwith Instagram and Facebook giving more and more space to videos (according to Zuckerberg, today reels “represent more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram) and partially rewritten their algorithms to mimic the ByteDance app. It happens in the video world, with YouTube who created Shorts precisely to intercept the growing slice of the public that prefers short and vertical content. And now it also happens in the world of ecommerce.

Social and political

“Are the data of European TikTok users safe?”: The doubts of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia

by Emanuele Capone

Amazon focuses on product videos and photos

According to rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal and also picked up by the Associated Presswhich cited Watchful Technologies, an Israeli company that uses AI to analyze apps, Amazon would be testing a new feature which will show users the products through a feed of photos and videos to be scrolled exactly like you do on TikTok.

The section is called Inspire, it can be reached from the home page of the Amazon app and mainly groups content created by customers to talk about the products on sale; customers themselves can like, save and share posts and (most importantly) purchase the items directly from the feed. Also according to rumors, a small number of Amazon employees are currently taking part in the trial.

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Not sure yet when this section is open and available to everyone, or even if it never will be: “We are constantly testing new features to make our customers’ lives a little easier,” Alyssa Bronikowski, a spokesperson for Amazon, told The Associated Press.

What is certain is that the Amazon app is already available, even for Italian users (but only those who have iPhones), the Virtual Try On section: you connect through the Fashion department and, through the front camera of your smartphone and augmented reality, you can virtually try over 1500 models of sunglasses of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polaroid, Carrera, Hugo Boss and Kate Spade.

Social phenomena

“With crumb or without?”: TikTok and the incredible story of the butcher Donato De Caprio

by Francesco Marino

Walmart also throws itself into influencer marketing

Returning to social networks and their connection with ecommerce, there is another very large company that does not want to be left out: it is Walmart, which now has nearly 12,000 stores in 26 countries of the world and seems ready to enter the business of so-called influencer marketing.

The American giant has registered the Walmart Creator and WalmartCreator Collective trademarks and would be ready to set up an online platform that uses influencers to promote the products on sale: at the moment, the company already uses a small number of creators to advertise some of its products (especially food and clothing), but the intention here it would be to do things on a larger scale. Just as it is getting bigger and bigger the turnover of influencer marketingwith total investments that this year could already reach 16.5 billion dollars.

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