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“If I don’t go to the gym, I train at home in just 20 minutes”

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“If I don’t go to the gym, I train at home in just 20 minutes”

Michelle Hunziker never stops! Even on her birthday she doesn’t give up on training before starting the day.

For the Swiss presenter today was a special day. To wake her up, a sweet surprise of Sun and Heavenlythe daughters born of his last marriage with Tomaso Trussardi, who put candles on a panettone and wrapped a rainbow cover that they gave to their mother for her 46 years old. Then come the greetings of his eldest daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti, who shares many photos on her profile from when her mother was very young, underlining the fact that the two grew up together. Despite the years that have passed, we can say that Michelle Hunziker still has a dazzling shape that leaves everyone speechless. The ex of Eros Ramazzotti he has an amazing physique sculpted abs, toned legs and muscular arms fruit not of one healthy eating combined with physical exercise.

Michelle, in addition to going to the gym where yes train in the hall also with very heavy loads, practice a very special sport kyokushinkai, a kind of Karate.

Michelle Hunziker: the workout in 20 minutes to do comfortably at home

Today, maybe because it’s her birthday, Michelle didn’t have time to go to the gym and to train with her instructors and pt. And yet she, despite having decided to dedicate the day to her loved ones, does not give up a little physical activity. Even at home, women train alone 20 minutes.

To begin, warm up, a very important step in order not to tear your muscles. It is in fact not recommended to train cold and to start Michelle practice of jump squat followed by some moves he has definitely mastered kyokushinkai.

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Once your muscles are nice and warm, move on to a set of bodyweight push-ups to help not only maintain the tone in the arms but also to train the chest too.

Then follows a session crunch perfect for sculpting the abdomen. If they burn you, you are doing the exercise well.

Then introduce a elastic to have more traction and performs lateral lunges and squats, perfect for legs and glutes.

Last exercise he performs is the ponte what is needed for i hamstrings and glutes.

A very fast workout that only requires a rubber band. In just 20 minutes, Michelle performs a workout total body which helps her ‘don’t feel guilty’ for not going to the gym. A quick card to stay in shape and not give up physical activity even when you don’t have much time to devote to sport.

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