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If you are doing this type of diet you are risking a lot: the alarm of the experts

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If you are doing this type of diet you are risking a lot: the alarm of the experts

Diet is the fashion of the moment: experts are alarming about health risks. Here’s what we’re talking about. The riskiest.

If you are considering starting one diet to improve you, lose weight or learn to eat healthily and correctly, this is a very noble and fair thought. But beware of the diet you choose! In these cases it is always better to contact professionals in the sector, avoiding choosing at random between the sensations and fashions of the moment, especially when it comes to our health. There ketogenic dietit may not be your best idea.

Too often we don’t realize how much one is wrong diet can be harmful and dangerous to health and the risks associated with diets such as ketogenic ones can be very serious, especially in the long term. Experts have alarmed about the risks and harms of diets like this: let’s find out something in more detail.

Why you should never do this diet of the moment

Ketogenic is a diet that consists in cutting carbohydrates from one’s diet, inducing the body to a sort of fast. Most of the energy and calories come from the consumption of fat, so we rely not on the sugars contained in the carbohydrates, but on the ketogenic bodies produced by the liver. This modality can be dangerous, because it is not natural and very unbalanced.

While ketogenic requires you to consume as much good fats as possible, this high amount of fat ingested throughout the day can be really harmful. The imbalance created by this diet can lead to long-term risks, such as an increase in cholesterol, a liver fatigue, constipation due to the lack of fiber and legumes and in general a lack of vitamins and sugars.

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When it comes to diet and health, the only good idea is to turn to a expert without improvising yourself with do-it-yourself diets, you can find them on the Internet or following the trends of the moment. Even if something works for some models on the web, it’s not necessarily the right one for you. Each of us is different and therefore needs a diet that adapts to their particular needs, to their situation clinic, age, health and lifestyle conditions. This is why especially very unbalanced diets that focus on only one group of foods such as ketogenic may not be the right ones for you, the word to the experts.

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