Home Health If you are over 40, beware of vitamin B12 deficiency – it can give you a terrible eye symptom

If you are over 40, beware of vitamin B12 deficiency – it can give you a terrible eye symptom

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If you are over 40, beware of vitamin B12 deficiency – it can give you a terrible eye symptom

According to research, the supplementation of vitamin B12 could cause a temporary loss of vision: we are talking about the Uhthoff phenomenon, which due to an increase in body temperature can cause eye problems.

Unlike medications, supplements are not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease, but are designed to fill nutritional deficiencies. Some vitamins, however, can interact closely with the nerves, causing a temporary loss of vision.

A vitamin B12 deficiency it can damage nerves, so supplementation is key in this case. However, there is evidence that some individuals who have taken vitamin B12 supplements have suffered from Uhthoff syndromewhich could lead to transient visual impairment.

According to experts, this phenomenon is observed in individuals aged between 40 and 49 who consume vitamin B12. It is also more common in women than men.

There is currently no research explaining the link between vitamin B12 and the Uhthoff phenomenon.

In an analysis of 86,813 who reported taking vitamin B12, only 27 people reported Uhthoff as a side effect. However, these experiences are solely from the patient’s point of view and have not been confirmed by doctors.

The syndrome describes a number of neurological symptoms related to cell demyelination when the body overheats.

The rise in body temperature can be caused by hot weather, central heating, illness, fever, and physical activity.

This pathology was first discovered by neuro-ophthalmologist Wilhelm Uhthoff, who noted that patients reported visual problems after exercise.

Patients typically have reduced visual acuity, with obvious signs of macular degeneration on physical examination. While symptoms tend to be temporary, vision restores once the body temperature returns to normal.

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This can take up to 24 hours; other symptoms may also occur, such as headache.

Although there is no treatment, this disorder can be managed in a number of ways; for example, it is advisable to refresh the body from the outside, looking for shaded areas or using refreshing spray products, or drinking fresh water before and during exercise.

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Source: ScienceDirect

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