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If you are tired never rub your eyes: because it is very dangerous for your health

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If you are tired never rub your eyes: because it is very dangerous for your health

It seems a trivial gesture but it damages your eyesight in three dangerous and serious ways: here’s what the doctor says.

Who among us doesn’t rub his eyes when he feels tired? Chained to work we stare at the monitor for hours. But even when we disconnect, our entertainment is still the smartphone and then another screen again. But tiredness also puts something of her into it and therefore rubbing your eyes with your hands is really something that can happen to everyone during the day.

Rub your eyes, pay attention to this seemingly banal gesture – grantennistoscana.it

So we are talking about an absolutely banal gesture and yet also about one source of unexpected risks. The English newspaper Mirror interviewed Nimmi Mistry, an optician from Vision Direct who offered numerous points of reflection which we cannot fail to take into account if we care about the health of our eyes. In particular it would be just to avoid rubbing the eyes during working hours. The consequence could be quite heavy because we could cause scratches on the cornea and even infections. Numerous studies have shown that some bacteria are present on the surface of computer keys and cell phones.

Dangerous bacteria that we carry in the eye

Such bacteria can be transferred to the eye quite simply with the seemingly trivial gesture of lifting your fingers from the keyboard and rubbing your eyes. The consequence will be bacterial conjunctivitis. If we are at the desk, the transfer of bacteria from the keyboard surface to the eyes causes the scratches on the cornea and consequently makes life even easier for these bacteria which can then penetrate the eye.

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Scratches and infections when you rub your eye – grantennistoscana.it

This kind of phenomenon is increasing in recent years as confirmed by many doctors. Today we spend so much time on the keyboard and on the computer and this causes precisely that eye fatigue which then leads to this gesture which, as we have seen, is as trivial as it is potentially risky. If we neglect the first symptoms of this bacterial infection, we can also lead to major visual disturbances.

Doctors point out that if we suspect we have contracted an eye infection we must immediately go to a specialist. But it is also important to know that in addition to bacteria and viruses there are also other infectious agents such as protozoa which proliferate in stagnant water and which can attack the cornea. We may mistakenly believe that the fact that protozoa live in stagnant water keeps them away from us.

Standing water and dry eye

But that is absolutely not the case. Who brings contact lenses for a long time and does not scrupulously observe the disinfection rules or rinse with non-potable water can face this kind of problem. Hence regular cleaning and the hygiene rules relating to contact lenses they are really essential.

But another situation to monitor carefully is that of those suffering from dry eyes. With the stressful life we ​​lead eye dryness unfortunately it is on the rise. The tears produced by the eye contain a natural antibiotic, lysozyme. When we have dry eyes, this antibiotic is less present and therefore the eye is naturally more exposed to bacterial attacks.

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Computer keyboard germs can reach the eye – grantennistoscana.it

Consequently, those with dry eye should pay more attention and must keep his hands carefully away from the eyes that are even more vulnerablebut we must also not forget that the viral infection can be transmitted from person to person.

Pressure on the eye

But another risk that should not be underestimated is that when we rub our eyes we exercise mechanical pressure on the cornea which is an extremely delicate organ. Pressure on the cornea can cause mechanical damage and a so-called corneal wear ectasia which can then lower the quality of vision.

But what many do not even suspect is that by exerting pressure on the eyeballs we can even cause a slowing of heart rate. In short, there are many excellent reasons to let go of this gesture which seems so trivial but which is really to be avoided. But with the arrival of summer there is one more risk to be careful of.

Beware of your smartphone

Now comes the warm season and hopefully we will spend a little less time chained in front of the computer and that we will be around with our beloved smartphone. But it is precisely on this front that ophthalmologists are sounding the alarm. In fact, ultraviolet rays can be reflected on the smartphone display and penetrate directly into the eye and the damages can be important. Precisely for this reason, ophthalmologists are strongly recommending that you be very careful about using your smartphone when you are in direct sunlight.

You should not look at your smartphone in direct sunlight – grantennistoscana.it

The sun’s rays reflected by the device’s displays can pass through the cornea and lens and reach up to the macula which is the most hidden and delicate part of the eye. It is a small region that allows us to clearly distinguish shapes and colors. The aggressive action of ultraviolet rays on this delicate organ it creates a sort of scar that can damage the sight even permanently. So we don’t think that leaving the office and walking in the open air scrolling through Pinterest is less dangerous and we always use the right precautions for our eyesight.

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