Home Health If you eat only rice your body reacts unexpectedly, here’s the study

If you eat only rice your body reacts unexpectedly, here’s the study

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If you eat only rice your body reacts unexpectedly, here’s the study

When you eat only rice your body thins thanks to the nutritional properties and the low fat content in the cereal. We often hear about the rice diet and many turn up their noses. Yes, because it is enough to think about how full we feel after eating a plate of risotto or a substantial portion of sushi to doubt the effectiveness of the diet.

Yet there are those who have tried it and confirm the slimming effects. This is the experience demonstrated by an American truck driver named Jonathan Spencer. Tired of never seeing the scales go down, he tried to follow the rice diet. He started this diet skeptically, influenced more by his great passion for the cereal than by the certainty of obtaining results.

And he continued to eat all kinds of rice he could find around for 30 days. Well in just a few days she saw the weight decrease by 4 kilos enough to give him a certain amount of confidence. He finished his journey almost returning to his ideal weight, then continued for another period with the diet until he reached the desired weight

Do you only eat rice? Here are the results

In reality, the rice diet does not preclude all other foods. In essence, that is, it is not that you have to eat only rice but consume rice at every meal by adding meat, fish and vegetables. Rice must replace carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and pizza, which must not be consumed during the diet period.

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The caloric intake for each meal must reach 1300 calories, which must be divided between rice, proteins and vegetables. In the morning you can consume some fresh fruit, a drink such as tea or coffee and some seeds, such as those of chia, sunflower, pumpkin, etc. During the day you need to drink at least two liters of water and do some physical activity.

Jonathan strictly followed these rules and immediately obtained excellent results. The weight loss therefore convinced him to continue his adventure and encouraged him to play sports. Before starting the diet he did not do any physical activity so he started a little at a time. In the evening, instead of lounging on the sofa, he went out for a walk with the dog for at least an hour.

When he started to ‘catch his breath’ he put in a 10 minute morning run and then gradually built up to 45 minutes. In 30 days he was back as good as new and he also improved his blood cholesterol levels, regaining a forgotten energy. Rice, in fact, has few lipids so it facilitates the work of the kidneys which are no longer overshadowed by an excess of calories to be disposed of every day.

When the metabolism is stimulated it synthesizes foods more quickly and excretes them more effectively. Thus digestion ends quickly and attention and concentration quickly find the levels of industriousness that allow individuals to feel less fatigued.

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