Home Health If you eat these foods at a certain time, you’ll lose more weight: try it and you’ll see

If you eat these foods at a certain time, you’ll lose more weight: try it and you’ll see

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If you eat these foods at a certain time, you’ll lose more weight: try it and you’ll see

The diet, as we know, can put everyone to the test. Sticking to a stricter diet for several months can be next to impossible. But there are some tricks you can put into practice that can help you overcome this difficult task.

There are some foods that, if eaten at a certain time of day, can facilitate weight loss. Obviously these are not “miraculous” foods, but are simply rich in beneficial properties for the body and very nutritious.

Foods that can help you lose weight – mammastyle

The important thing is to organize your daily meals painstakingly and never “go astray” with the times. Very often, in fact, the extra kilos are stored due to the unregular intake of food during the day. So here it is what are the foods that should never be missing in your diet.

Foods that promote weight loss

Eat the right foods at the right time: according to what is recommended by the Starbene.it website, foods should be preferred for breakfast super nutritious and light. Green light, therefore, for a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by a slice of cooked ham or salmon.

Not to overshadow thephysical activitywhich can give great results if done immediately after breakfast: done in this part of the day, in fact, it would induce the body to “wake up”, preparing it for the day that must begin. Same to you light lunch. In this case, experts recommend consuming approx 200 grams of meat or fish baked in foil accompanied by a plate of verdure raw seasoned only with a drizzle of oil.

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healthy foods
Diet: here’s what to eat 8and at what time) to lose weight faster – mammastyle

The main thing is to always keep a certain gap between breakfast and lunch, to give the body time to dispose of what we have ingested in the early hours of the morning. If you feel the need to eat something between breakfast and lunch, rub your mouth to resist the temptation underside of big toes: this will incredibly help fight hunger.

Very important too snack. In this case it is recommended to consume one handful of almonds or walnuts with two squares of dark chocolate plus a cup of green tea. Condition not: always drink plenty of water! The cenahowever, it must always be light, in order not to weigh down the body before sleep. A nice one would be enough salad of lettuce dressed with oil and walnuts and a white fish fillet steamed with rice. You can also add a portion of spinach seasoned with lemon juice. Finally, a low-fat yogurt without sugar.

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