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If you have diabetes absolutely do not eat these foods: LIST

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If you have diabetes absolutely do not eat these foods: LIST

Not all foods are the same and we know this well: aSome foods help our body stay young and fit while others contain high amounts of sugar or fat. These foods i’m from avoid given that they can contribute to the development of many pathologies, which are linked to weight gain, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

We must not think that nutrition is, for a diabeticboring and without any taste because it is not like that at all, indeed there are many alternatives for a healthy and balanced diet. So here we reveal a little secret: often it is the way in which foods are cooked and seasoned that makes the difference.

Follow a correct diet it’s really a good habit for everyone, but it’s even more necessary for all those people who are suffering from diabetes; a healthy diet helps prevent many of the complications due to the disease .

  1. Coffee drinks with sweets and toppings:In the morning, a simple cup of macchiato or a cup of barley coffee can be low in calories, perfect for a diabetic person so you shouldn’t be tempted by coffee drinks, which have cream toppings or chocolate toppings, which increase their caloric intake.
  2. Brioche e croissant:Breakfast is really essential for the balance of the daily diet, but often the frenetic rhythms can lead to consuming this meal at the bar with the effect of having to “adapt” to the classic greedy brioche, but also rich in butter and saturated fats .
  3. The fish fry:Fish is certainly an excellent food to include in one healthy diet but the type of cooking is important to keep the foods we eat healthy. The typical fried fish or cod fillet seasoned with plenty of oil would, in fact, be avoid: it is better to opt for simpler cooking, in the oven or steamed.
  4. Fruit juices:Fruit juices are among the worst enemies of diabetes as they are a real concentrate of sugars. However, not all juices are so dangerous: there are also lines of low-calorie products with little sugar.
  5. A Chinese dinner:Asian cuisine is rich in healthy and well-balanced foods with the exception of chicken in sweet and sour sauce accompanied by steamed white rice, which would instead be foods to avoid. Chicken with gravy already adds more than 400 calories, while rice can add another 200 calories.
  6. French fries:It’s hardly surprising that these fast food staples make this list as they’re known to be loaded with saturated fat, sodium, and calories. Some restaurants offer “fat-free chips” but it is still a “junk” food avoid.

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