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if you have these symptoms you should run for cover

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Having a low sugar may not be a good sign. In particular, if these symptoms occur, you should immediately replace the sugars. Let’s see immediately what you can eat to solve this annoying problem!

Hypoglycemia is when there is not enough sugar in our body and because of this we almost feel faint! (Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay)

The drops in sugar they can become a trouble really bothersome, so much so that, when they arise, we can no longer even carry out the normal activities we do every day. THE symptoms they are, more or less, the same for everyone and include: dizziness, anxiety, dizziness, photosensitivity (the light bothers), cold sweats and nausea. The sugar drop occurs when we have little glucose in the blood and the body, therefore, weakens manifesting this symptomatology. Let’s see how replenish this substance with the right foods.

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Here is what you absolutely must do when you have a low sugar: it is really important to act promptly!

Do this and you will immediately feel better! (Image by Anastasiya Babienko from Pixabay)

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Many people react to a low sugar by eating sweets and cookies, there is nothing more wrong. Being these foods a slow absorption, the improvements are not seen immediately and the person affected by this malaise continues to feel bad. When symptoms arise, immediate action must be taken. Just hire some rapidly absorbed sugars.


In particular, it is highly recommended drinking fruit juices or carbonated drinks (coca-cola, fanta, sprite, tea etc.). Alternatively, it must be dissolved in a glass of water a couple of sachets of sugar, mix and swallow quickly. In the hours following an attack hypoglycemic, it is very important to have a meal based on carbohydrates, not too heavy but still substantial (half a sandwich with a sliced ​​meat could be fine, for example). If these episodes recur, it could mean you have low blood sugar. Make an appointment and talk to your doctor of trust who will be able to direct you on the therapeutic path suitable for you, also inserting changes in your diet to integrate all the sugars you need.

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