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If you want to be in a good mood you have to eat this fruit: after 15 days you will notice the results

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If you want to be in a good mood you have to eat this fruit: after 15 days you will notice the results

Study Confirms: Eating This Fruit Can Improve Mood

According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand, eating kiwi fruit can significantly improve mood and vitality. The study, published in The British Journal of Nutrition, revealed that consuming just two kiwis a day can lead to rapid mood enhancement and increased vitality.

Dr. Tamlin Conner, co-author of the study and professor in the university’s psychology department, explained that kiwi is rich in nutrients beneficial for mental health, including fibre, folate, potassium and vitamin C. The study involved 155 adults with low vitamin C levels, who took a vitamin C supplement, a placebo or two kiwis every day. Through smartphone surveys, participants reported improvements in vitality, mood, well-being, sleep quality and quantity, and physical activity over the course of the eight-week dietary intervention.

The results showed that kiwi supplementation led to significant improvements in vitality and mood already within the first four days, with a peak around 14-16 days. In contrast, the effect of vitamin C on mood was marginal until day 12. Lead author of the study, Dr. Ben Fletcher, noted that these findings confirm that what we eat can have a rapid impact on our well-being and emotional state.

Ultimately, including kiwi in your diet could be a simple and natural way to improve your mood and feel more vital and positive in everyday life. The study emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition for the overall well-being of body and mind. In addition to kiwi, other foods rich in vitamins and nutrients beneficial for the brain and mood include berries, avocados, chia seeds, spinach, and walnuts.

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The importance of good nutrition for mental health is increasingly clear, and studies such as the one conducted by the University of Otago remind us that small changes to our diet can make a difference to how we feel. In addition to nutrition, regular physical activity, adequate rest and some relaxation practices such as meditation can also help maintain a good mental and emotional balance.

In conclusion, the study’s findings suggest that adding kiwi to your diet can be a simple and effective way to improve your mood and overall well-being. The power of certain foods on mental health is becoming more evident, and including kiwi and other nutrient-rich foods in your diet could have a positive impact on your emotional state and vitality.

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