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Ignazio Moser breaks his silence on his health problem

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Ignazio Moser he had decided to interrupt the sequence of glossy images to communicate to his followers that he had to move away from social networks, for a very serious reason. A choice that had expanded posts and news in recent weeks.

The former cyclist, exponent of the latest generation of dynasty Moser, had in fact confided on Instagram that he had discovered a health problem: for the sportsman, a former competitor of theIsland of the Famous and the GF Vip, the issue was a priority, much more relevant than his professional commitments, too. in recent weeks we have witnessed a more discreet and secluded presence of Ignazio Moser, if not in shared events with his partner, Cecilia Rodriguez, sister of Belen.

Ignazio Moser: intestinal parasite the cause of his problems

Evidence of a willingness to lead a more reserved life and focus on the health problem that Moser claimed was caused by an intestinal parasite.

“I caught an intestinal parasite,” he revealed following a question from a fan.

Ignazio Moser he shows himself more toned, less tried than the last photos published in which he exhibits a leaner physique.

“Have you got over that damn physical problem?” asks for a follower, and he replies:

“I would say yes, it is not yet understood where and how I got this intestinal parasite but the important thing is that now the thing is overcome. I went back to eating and training as before and more than before… I will surely remember it as an experience of me… ”.

Ignazio Moser, 10 kilos less

This health problem has had its aftermath, as evidenced by the same Moser: Ignatius he lost 10 kilos and suffered, even on a physical level, the consequences of the presence of this stranger in his body. Now, as he himself communicated, the time has come to be able to talk about it in the past and recover form and even greater serenity.

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