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Ignazio Moser health: is he sick? He says how he is: physical and psychological problems

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The former cyclist took a few days off from social media, but today he is back to talk with a message in the stories of Instagram

Ignazio Moser today is back to talk through a story about Instagram, not a video, just a written message for his many followers who, since yesterday, have been worried about his health conditions. Just yesterday, in fact, the former cyclist and former competitor of the Big Brother Vip andIsland of the Famous, he said he had health problems: “Unfortunately they have been bothering me for now several days, I’m trying to figure out what it is and how cure me… I hope it’s nothing to worry about but I’ll take it all off for a few days. I’ll keep you up-to-date”.

Already today a small update and Cecilia Rodriguez’s boyfriend wrote: “A few days of rest did me a lot of good even if the causes of my discomfort are still not clear, it is probably all due to a combination of physical and psychological factors“.

The importance of mental health –

Moser also wanted to underline a passage, the one on mental health, precisely to raise awareness among his fans on a problem that is too often underestimated. In fact, Ignazio wrote today: “I hear more and more about mental health, but I see more and more people who don’t care (including myself), so my advice is listen to yourself, listen to your body and your mind, at least every now and then you put yourself first and not always others and what you have to do for others ”.

Lately they are more and more athletes and former athletes who finally come out about their mental health, admitting they had anxiety or depression problems. From Michael Phelps to Gigi Buffon, from Tiger Woods to Naomi Osaka. There was also a lot of talk about it during the Olympics, especially for the case of Simone Biles, for whom, however, the problem was not only psychological, but had obvious physical consequences that put her in danger during her performances.

How is Ignazio Moser today –

On the health of Ignazio Moser today much uncertainty still remains. With his message today he wanted to reassure a little his followers who were scared yesterday, not expecting a boy of 29 years old, apparently fit, given the photos of his perfect physique that he often posts on social media, he could manifest health problems. According to what he wrote today, it is not easy to understand what exactly he has, but he will certainly keep everyone updated in the coming days.

Meanwhile his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez is at the Paris Fashion Week and for the moment she has not expressed herself on this story concerning her Ignazio, but probably as soon as she returns home she will be an extra help for the young Moser, to face what awaits him and find the way of a full physical and mental recovery.

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