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Ignazio Moser, how is he after the malaise: the outburst

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Ignazio Moser had announced in recent days of not feeling very well. At the moment, the causes of his malaise are still unknown, but he still wanted to reassure fans on Instagram: he chose to let off steam, focusing on how important it is to protect his psyche and inviting followers to love each other much more and to listen to the needs of your body and mind.

How is Ignazio Moser

The former castaway ofIsland of the Famous had announced on Instagram that he was not very fit. Later, he also took a break from social media, also and above all to try to get back in better shape than before and to understand the reasons. “A few days of rest did me a lot of good, even if the causes of my discomfort are still not clear, it is probably all due to a combination of physical and psychological factors”.

Following the problems, Moser obviously wanted to investigate, which however have not yet clearly clarified what triggered a profound sense of widespread fatigue and health problems, which he has been fighting against for some time anyway.

The invitation to love yourself

“I hear more and more of mental health, but I see more and more people who do not care (including myself), so my advice is to listen to yourselves, listen to your body and your mind, at least every now and then put yourself first and not always others and what you owe do for others “.

Despite the anxieties and fears, Ignazio wanted to reassure the fans. “Unfortunately they have been bothering me for several days now, I’m trying to understand what it is, let’s hope it’s nothing serious, but I’ll take a break for a while”. His most loyal followers had actually noticed the absence from social networks, where he has always been quite active, sharing photos and stories with his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez, friends and more.

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In recent times, finally, we are dealing with the discourse on mental health and how to preserve your psyche is very important to feel good about yourself. A theme that Chiara Ferragni also dealt with, as did Simone Biles. Being at peace with yourself is the only way to face life serenely, in an age where everything is frenetic, fast and takes no breath.


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