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Ignazio Moser, the diagnosis of his health problem arrives: “I have been to my doctor and …”

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Ignazio Moser, a great sportsman but more than ever known for being the “better half” of cecilia rodriguez, sister of the much more famous Belen, he had been worried about the future of his knee for days. Your current health condition.

Ignazio Moser, great sportsman but above all famous for being the boyfriend of Cecilia Rodriguez

Ignazio Moser, astrological sign Cancer, born in 1992, son of the well-known cyclist Francesco Moser, he too decided to take up the sporting profession by practicing cycling from an early age.

But his consecration as the definitive television personality took place a few years ago with his participation in an edition of Big Brother Vip. And it is there that he met his current partner, the splendid one cecilia rodriguez that she left for him Francesco Mountain, amid the controversy.

In recent times it seemed that a small physical problem had somehow compromised the sporting performance of the bell ‘Ignatius.

But how are you today? He talks about it himself in a video, published on Social …

His knee is not that bad: the good news that makes him tremendously happy!

In the video Ignatius he begins by thanking his trusted orthopedist from whom he went for a visa visit discomfort he felt in his knee – after all, it is known that when a sporting profession is at stake, the health of one’s body assumes a decidedly greater importance compared to those who carry out other professions and that joints in particular are very important – fearing that it could be compromised and having to be operated on

And his most heartfelt and heartfelt thanks go to him not only for his impeccable professionalism but also for giving him wonderful news.

Which? That’s his knee it does not require any intervention! And he is now tremendously happy!

In love with his Cecilia: ready for the “wedding march”?

Ignatius reveals all his euphoria in this regard – on the other hand it is still excellent news – especially for the fact that he can continue to train in his favorite activities, obviously – at least at the beginning – with due regard, involving in the recording at some point too his beloved dog, placed on the sofa in part to him and therefore had been present for the duration of video.

Moser he can then go back to enjoying his life as always, as regards the sporting side but also the private one: in fact it cannot be denied that it is a man very much in love but also very lucky!

He does his dream job and still keeps it alive the great love for the partner Cecilia, as shown by some shots on his up-to-date Official Instagram profile. In fact, it is not said that soon for the two he will not be able to play the so-called “Wedding march“….

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