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Ignazio Moser updates fans: “I neglected my mental health”

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Cecilia Rodriguez’s boyfriend updates followers, worried about him: “It’s probably a combination of physical and psychological factors,” he says. “My advice is to listen to yourselves, listen to your body and your mind”

Ignazio Moser is a little better. And he wanted to let the fans know, even though the reasons for his malaise are not yet clear: “A few days of rest did me a lot of good even if the causes of my malaise are still unclear, probably a set of physical and psychological “. FOTO PRIVATE | PRIVATE VIDEO

Ignazio Moser, fear for the health conditions of Cecilia Rodriguez’s boyfriend: “I’m not well, I have to disconnect for a few days” – LOOK

THE STORY – A little surprisingly, a few days ago Cecilia Rodriguez’s boyfriend (in the meantime landed in Paris for work: LOOK) had decided to pull the plug on social media, informing his followers of a problem he was experiencing: “Unfortunately, I have small health problems that have been bothering me for several days now, I’m trying to understand what it is and how to cure myself … “. The fact that not even he knew the origin of the malaise had alarmed those who followed him not a little.

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Neglected mental health – Now Ignazio is back to show up on social media. And he tried to provide an explanation: “I hear more and more talk about mental health but I see more and more people who do not care (including myself) so my advice is to listen to yourselves, listen to your body and your mind, at least every now and then put yourself first and not always others and what you have to do for others ”.

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