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Il Sole 24 Ore and Factanza launch “God save the data”, information on Instagram supported by data

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“God save the data”, because in a world that runs fast, the infodemic – the excessive amount of information, sometimes not verified with accuracy – risks becoming a dangerous enemy. And it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between facts and opinions, between news and fake news. We are living a concrete example in this pandemic era, where too often scientific information is mixed with worthless content, creating a mix that confuses and becomes risky.

And then it’s time to rely on data. Numbers, today, are our main allies in developing an objective and conscious perception of the world. Hence the collaboration between Il Sole 24 Ore and Facatanza, which combine their skills to provide their users with a data-based vision of the world. “God save the data” includes a series of contents that will be published on Instagram, in collaboration on the two accounts (that of Sole 24 Ore and that of Factanza.)

The appointment is set for Thursday 2 December. From there, the publications will maintain a bi-monthly rhythm (every two Thursdays). The idea was born from the desire to combine the skills and contents of Sole 24 Ore with the dissemination capabilities of Factanza Media, to help the new generations develop a more aware and objective perception of the world around them. We will address issues related to current affairs, young people, the economy, civil rights, the world of work. Always following the trail of data, analysis and statistics.

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