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I’ll tell you the reasons why you should say goodbye to a sedentary life, here’s how to quit day by day

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The sedentary life, we can admit, has become our normality. It’s not just a moment: I’ll tell you why and how to stop once and for all.

We don’t have to count how many times we sit down and how many times we are ‘forced’ instead. Lla sedentary lifestyle it has become a problem in our society, staying seated most of the time gives us a feeling of well-being, but this is because we are no longer used to moving.

If you spend too much time sitting, you should change your habit, which is very important.
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But also the stones know that sitting for long times is not good, we know it but we continue to do it, we know it but specifically, in addition to the question that revolves around the ‘fitness‘- from a purely aesthetic point of view, I add – do we know what happens to our body?

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What you don’t know about your sedentary life

There is a lot of evidence supporting the risks, both in the short and long term, of a life as a sedentary person. If you sit down briefly, it allows your body to rest and find the energy, if you stay there for several hours, all you need to do is get a harm not only to body but also to the mind.

The problems of a sedentary life: here’s how to reverse this trend (Source: Adobe Stock)

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L’WHO stated that the sedentary lifestyle increases the odds of death, doubles the chance of contracting cardiovascular diseases e diabetes, as well as increasing the weight, favoring the possibility of contracting of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and also theanxiety and the depression.
If we want to take and cite some data, between the 60-85% of the population around the world, has a sedentary lifestyle. Reason why a sedentary lifestyle is considered a public health problem.

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Avoiding these consequences is not complicated, just change your lifestyle and come to terms with our priorities.

But let’s go into detail, this lifestyle involves an impediment as far as it is concerned weight unloading of the body towards legs, this lack obliges vertebral column and the musculature of the back to do its job, that’s why the first problem you feel is back pain.
Also this position does not allow the lungs to have the space they need to expand well, that’s why theoxygen and this affects the circulation. Furthermore, a lower rate of oxygen affects our abilities concentration, this reason explains why a simple walk has such beneficial effects, even for the mind.

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How to start modifying this routine:

If you work at the desk at least 1 time per hour stand up for 5 minutes, take the ball to do some task that requires your presence on your feet. When you return home, however, always choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Clean up your room or do some exercise right in your apartment. It doesn’t take much, the important thing is to start and be constant, also little every day it will make a big difference.

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