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immediately upgraded lines and civil protection at the entrances

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A constructive confrontation that wanted to solve concrete problems in a concrete way: thus summarizes the meeting that took place between the municipal administration of Pievigina, represented by the mayor Stefano From Left and by the councilor for social and demographic services Tobia Donadel, and Dr. Salvatore Cauchi, coordinator of integrated group medicine. The interview was aimed at resolving the critical issues that emerged in recent days after the numerous reports from citizens who complained of serious inefficiencies in the integrated medicine district.

“That of the administration is a proactive position, intending to clarify the logistical and functional problems of the district with a collaborative spirit – said Mayor Soldan opening the press conference held today in the town hall – Everything has already been reported to the general manager Francesco Benazzi and we have decided to act with all the means we have in collaboration with basic medicine and the regional health system.”.

The mayor explained that, together with Dr. Cauchi, the critical issues reported by citizens were analyzed in a spirit of collaboration: “It must be said that these are important numbers, with anomalous access peaks compared to the normal management of the structure and this has certainly complicated the things, ”Soldan clarified.

From the meeting, he specified, some solutions emerged: “The first thing from tomorrow will be to upgrade the district’s telephone lines, which will go from 3 to 4. We remind you that structures like the Conegliano hospital have only one, so it is an important upgrade.”.

“Starting this morning, moreover, two civil protection volunteers will work every day from 9 to 12 at the entrance of the integrated medicine center welcoming patients, measuring their temperature and sanitizing their hands”Added the commissioner Donadel, who just this morning went to the site together with the municipal councilor delegated to the Civil Protection Mauro Finotto to monitor the situation.

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With the help of volunteers we want to relieve the staff of the structure and guarantee more orderly access: “We will also be spokespersons for the citizens’ requests to the regional health system and we will sign a joint document to doctors with precise requests to the health company and the Region Veneto ”concluded Soldan.

Dr. Cauchi confirmed what was stated by the administration: “Indeed, it is an emergency situation, since the entire tracking system of the Ulss 2 has been blown up, people try to get by but we family doctors do what we can too. The lines, it is true, are overloaded: people do not feel followed and say to call without getting an answer, but we are not limiting access in any way.”.

Dr. Cauchi confirmed that from the meeting with the administration it was agreed that the situation is currently “tragic”, so he asked “understanding and patience ”and to“ call only for emergencies”.

The doctor reported that among the requests that will be brought to the attention of the regional health system there will be the provision of first-level instrumentation, so as to be able to carry out complete diagnoses without having to weigh on the hospital structures, but these are costs that the only integrated medicine district is not able to sustain: “The health company at the moment has not responded to our requests, but I am confident in a collaboration with the administration because in this way we would really be able to give an excellent service to the population”.

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Donadel then provided some numbers with respect to the past year: the district recorded 31,714 accesses and 74,000 phone calls, recalling that however the patients in all are “only” 18,000.

“Lastly – said Donadel – we want to officially clarify that the administration does not want the closure of integrated medicine, on the contrary. It is a fundamental service for citizens to find answers on their state of health, therefore it is a service that must be strengthened “.

Dr. Cauchi then closed with an official appeal to the General Manager Benazzi and the health company: “I would like to ask him to tell us what he thinks and what to do with integrated medicine. I remember that we have all the credentials to become a real home of health: if only we had the appropriate equipment, the game would be done”.

(Photo: Qdpnews.it © reserved reproduction – by permission of Tobia Donadel).

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