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Important in summer: You should definitely do one thing with your mattress

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Important in summer: You should definitely do one thing with your mattress

Although most people find it uncomfortable and annoying, sweating is essential for the human body, especially in high summer temperatures.

Because sweating contributes to the regulation of heat balance in the body. Sweat acts like the body’s own air conditioning system by cooling down the body when the temperature is too high.

That’s how much sweat a person produces in a day

On average, a person produces around 0.5 liters of sweat on a typical day without high temperatures or much movement. On particularly hot summer days, however, up to two liters per hour can also be dispensed.

You should do that with the mattress in the summer

In the summer months, we not only sweat during the day – the temperatures only cool down sporadically during many nights. Especially people who sweat more should turn their mattresses at least once a month, especially in summer.

Because the night sweat – at least one liter per night – is mostly absorbed by the mattress and ensures a higher level of moisture there. If the mattress is not turned regularly and thus aired, there is a risk of mold forming. The higher humidity can also promote the spread of mites.

If you generally tend to sweat more, you should turn your mattress more often so that the accumulated moisture can evaporate better. Especially with beds with box spring bases, the mattress can ventilate less well and should therefore definitely be turned over in summer. In beds with a slatted frame or spring base, more fresh air gets to the underside of the mattress.

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This is how you protect your mattress from wear and tear

Regardless of the summer heat, you should rotate and turn your mattress regularly, not only for reasons of hygiene, but also to avoid pits and depressions and to extend the life of the mattress.

Whether and how often it can or should be rotated or turned depends primarily on the type of mattress. For example, asymmetrical mattresses should not be rotated. With cheaper mattresses made of polyether foam, pits usually form faster than with mattresses made of memory foam or latex. And the weight of the user also plays a role.

Basically, however, you can use the following rule of thumb as a guide: if the mattress can be rotated and turned, it should be rotated at least once a month and turned once a quarter.

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