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In April the first Italian summit on the metaverse

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In April the first Italian summit on the metaverse

All ready for the first On-Metaverse Summit, Italian event dedicated to virtual worlds in the business field. Organized by AnotheReality, leader in the development of immersive XR (extended Reality) solutions, the appointment starts from the assumption that the internet of the future will be three-dimensional and decentralized, and that sociality, entertainment and business will move there; the objective of the event is to ask the right questions to find the first concrete answers on the eve of the next technological revolution.


At school in the Metaverse

by Francesco Marino

The event is organized in collaboration with Velvet Media (marketing agency engaged in the digital communication of the event), Bto Research, Bid – Break In Data, and Skilla e-Learning solutions.

Appointment on April 21, 2022 for a hybrid event: in presence at the Superstudio Più headquarters in Milan, remotely by connecting to Superstudio Cyberspace, the fully 3D event platform created by AnotheReality. The event is designed for professionals ranging from CMOs, Technologists, Chief Innovation Officers, HR managers, entrepreneurs and community representatives interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges of the new paradigm.

Virtual reality

Meta has 300,000 subscribers on the Horizon metaverse

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