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in Brindisi still a 10 percent drop

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BRINDISI – Two Municipalities of the Brindisi area to vote for the 2023 ballots: it is decided who will be the next mayor of the Adriatic capital and of Carovigno. Polls open on Sunday 28 May, from 7 to 23, and Monday 29 May, from 7 to 15.

Turnout at 11pm

At 11.00 pm, the voter turnout in Brindisi was 32.92 percent: 10 percent less than the 42.49 percent in the first round. The gap already noted at 7 pm remains unchanged. In Carovigno, the turnout at the polls is instead equal to 45.37 percent, compared to 51.26 percent in the first round.

Turnout at 7pm

The downward trend in voter turnout continues in both Brindisi and Carovigno. The trend is consolidating above all in Brindisi, where at 7 pm 24.46 percent of those entitled went to vote, compared to 34.67 in the first round. The drop in Carovigno was less marked, where at the same time there was a turnout of 32.58 percent, compared to 39.50 in the first round. The next data will be collected at 11 pm.

Turnout at 12

According to the first projections provided by the prefecture, at 12:00 today (Sunday 28 May), the number of voters is down compared to the previous round. In Brindisi, 12.05 percent of those entitled voted, compared to 15.29 on 14 May. In Carovigno, on the other hand, 14.74 percent of voters went to the polls, compared to 15.07 two weeks ago.

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For the municipal elections, votes were already held on 14 and 15 May in eight municipalities in the province of Brindisi. Six mayors have been elected. The ballot is foreseen only in Municipalities with a population exceeding 15,000 inhabitants, if a candidate does not exceed 50 percent of the votes. In Ostuni there were only two candidates, he prevailed Angelo Pomes. In Francavilla Fontana there were three candidates, he won Antonello Denuzzo, the outgoing mayor, in the first round. In the other four Municipalities called to vote (Oria, San Donaci, San Pietro Vernotico and Torre Santa Susanna) there was a single shift. Therefore, as mentioned, Brindisi and Carovigno are missing from the appeal.

The situation in Brindisi

The centre-left candidate a Toasts And Roberto Fusco (13,579 votes, 33.32 percent in the first round). The centre-right one is Giuseppe Marchionna (17,933 votes, 44 percent in the first round). The two candidates for mayor have not reached any agreement with the other two candidates who had presented themselves in the first round: the former mayor Riccardo Rossi and Pasquale Luperti. There would have been an interlocution between the former mayor’s front and the deployment led by Fusco (supported, among others, by the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement), both in the center-left area, which however led to nothing of concrete. No agreement also in the center-right area, which includes the other two candidates Marchionna (head of a coalition which includes Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia and Lega) and Luperti.

The situation in Carovigno

A Carovigno the former mayor compete in the ballot Massimo Lanzilotti e Vincent Radisi. In the four-way match in the first round, Lanzilotti obtained 37.4 percent of the preferences (3,796 votes), while the second took 36.69 of the votes (3,441 votes in favor of him). The candidates from the centre-right (Francesco Lotesoriere, 22.71 percent) and the centre-left (Salvatore Ancora, 5.99 percent) are far more distant. Even in Carovigno no apparent relationship has been reached with the other two candidates for mayor.

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