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In five years over 250 thermoablation procedures, cutting-edge technology for the treatment of thyroid nodules

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In five years over 250 thermoablation procedures, cutting-edge technology for the treatment of thyroid nodules

“There would be no life if there were no hormones – says Prof. Papi –. Through their action, our endocrine glands regulate the differentiation, growth and biological function of the body’s tissues and cells. In particular, they promote the physical and psychological development of the fetus and child, the activities of our brain, metabolism, the functions of the heart, kidneys and immune system, the health of the skeletal system and sexual development”.

The endocrinological scientific societies have released the following 10 recommendations for good hormonal health: practice constant physical activity; eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains; consume foods rich in vitamin D (e.g., salmon and sardines), iodine (eating sea fish and seasoning with iodized salt) and calcium (e.g., yogurt and almonds); sleep at least 7 hours a night; reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors by avoiding plastic packaging, improving indoor air quality and carefully choosing hygiene products and cosmetics; listen to our body better, paying attention to new signs and symptoms of illness.

“Endocrine disruptors – adds Papi – are exogenous chemical compounds that interfere with every aspect of the action of hormones: from synthesis to secretion, from transport in the blood to metabolism. Phthalates, parabens, DDT are some of these substances, which are found in the air, food and water and can cause tumors and dysfunction of the endocrine glands. Living in a healthy environment, starting with reducing the use of plastic, is essential to guarantee the well-being of our endocrine system.”

From prevention to cure: the Complex Endocrinology Structure of the Modena AUSL introduced an innovative technology for the treatment of thyroid nodules in 2019. “This is thermoablation – explains Prof. Papi – a procedure that allows the treatment of symptomatic benign thyroid nodules and small non-aggressive malignant thyroid tumors, avoiding surgery. Thermal ablation is based on the administration of thermal energy – in Carpi we use both laser energy and radio frequency – through thin needles that enter the nodules to be treated. Subjected to high temperatures, cells undergo necrosis (i.e. they die); as a result, the large nodules significantly reduce in volume and the symptoms complained of by the patient regress. Since the beginning of our experience in 2019, we have treated over 250 patients, achieving complete disappearance of symptoms in 95% of cases. The advantages of thermal ablation compared to traditional surgery are represented by the possibility of avoiding general anesthesia and hospitalization (the patient remains in the clinic for only a few hours), the absence of scars at the end of the procedure and the fact that it is not necessary taking thyroid hormone therapy because the healthy thyroid is spared. In 5 years of experience, our patients have not experienced any permanent side effects. We take the opportunity of the celebration of European Hormone Day to disseminate our data and inform of the existence of this valid and effective alternative to surgery”.

[23 aprile 2024]

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