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In Rozzano and Ancona the 2 best Italian hospitals – Healthcare

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In Rozzano and Ancona the 2 best Italian hospitals – Healthcare


From tumors to operations for hip fractures, passing through heart treatments, two hospitals were awarded today by the National Agency for National Health Services (Agenas), for having provided, overall, better treatment and health care to citizens. It is a private hospital and a public one: the Humanitas Institute of Rozzano (Milan), and the Umberto I Hospital of Ancona.
The two structures are the only ones, out of 227 evaluated, to have obtained a “green light”, i.e. a high evaluation for at least 6 clinical areas, with respect to the indicators identified by the National Results Program (Pne). To briefly describe the quality of care in hospital facilities, the National Outcomes Program uses the treemap, a synthetic graphical representation based on indicators relating to 7 clinical areas evaluated: cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, general surgery, oncological surgery, pregnancy and childbirth, musculoskeletal . In the vast majority of hospitals, areas of good quality coexist with areas of less good quality.
“The quality of care – commented the president of Agenas Domenico Mantoan – is starting to be widespread throughout the territory and no longer just a prerogative of the North. Our philosophy is not to make a ranking. But to gratify those who stand out positively, we have decided to the first time to establish an award, which we have assigned to the two companies that have achieved good levels in at least 6 of the 7 clinical areas identified.
The award presented to the hospital Umberto I of Ancona (today University Hospital of the Marches) it was withdrawn by Armando Marco Gozzini, director of the Region’s Health Department. “Between floods and earthquakes – he said – our region has been severely tested in recent years. The award we are collecting today is a symbol of one of the excellences of the Marches, the challenge is that this flagship can be an example for extend the message of excellence throughout the territory”.
The prize ofHumanitas Institute of Rozzano it was withdrawn by Barbara Cittadini, president of the Private Hospital Association (Aiop), who two years ago started an agreement with Agenas to improve the coding of hospital discharge records. “When we decided to start this process – Cittadini said – not only were we not afraid of being evaluated, but we actually wanted help identifying the critical areas. Agenas helped us identify the obstetrics area as critical, especially at South. I am convinced that, by continuing to measure, we will continue to improve”.

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