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In Trieste the exhibition ‘Nikola Tesla: a man from the future’

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The technical-scientific exhibition ‘Nikola Tesla: a man from the future’ has just been inaugurated, set up in Room 1B of Warehouse 26, which will be open to the public until 10 October 2021 (free admission with the possibility of guided tours) . It is the largest exhibition ever organized on the brilliant inventor, organized by the Municipality of Trieste thanks to the collaboration of the Serbian Youth Cultural Association (Acgs) and the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. And who knows that Elon Musk, in Italy for the Italian Tech Week on 23 and 24 September, won’t come and visit it.

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The exhibition aims to retrace the life and discoveries of the scientist through functioning models, digital contents (such as archival films, audio recordings and other multimedia contents), objects and documents kept by the Tesla Museum in Belgrade which collects the largest collection of patents and legacies of the great genius, in a visit available in three different languages ​​(Italian, English and Serbo-Croatian).

This is accompanied by initiatives and collateral events of an artistic and cultural nature that will take place during the duration of the exhibition, aimed at telling – each in its own way – the life and works of the great genius. To frame the technical-scientific exhibition there will also be some initiatives with the exhibition, for the duration of the exhibition, of the works of art of Maria Bramasole, already author of 8 solo exhibitions and present in over 60 collective exhibitions in all the world; Gastone Bianchi, multifaceted artist from Trieste; Eric Gerini, who has actively participated in Italian and international exhibitions since 2014; Massimo Stenta, specialized in chalcographic and pictorial works made with various experimental techniques; and Zivorad “Ziko” Misic, a well-known poet, comic-book writer and painter, who has been teaching at the Trieste Comics Academy for more than 8 years.

“The decision to bring the exhibition to Trieste – explains Maja Berovic, project lead – is based on the fact that the Julian capital is now recognized as a City of Science, thanks to the numerous local and international scientific realities that dot it and, at the same time, perfectly reflects that multicultural and Central European atmosphere that characterized the time and places where Tesla lived and created “” The figure of Nikola Tesla and his works offered us an important opportunity to concentrate our efforts and our energies “, explains Ilija Jankovic, president of the Serbian Youth Cultural Association of Trieste. “On the promotion, design and implementation from below of such an important and significant scientific-cultural initiative for Trieste. This is our tribute to the city and its citizens who will thus have the opportunity to get to know the man who invented it up close” the twentieth century “.

“Ever since I remember myself”, Lidija Radovanovic is keen to emphasize, “I am struck in my heart, and I feel I can intervene, if I notice the injustice towards people who try to favor the common good over the individual. Nikola Tesla has dedicated himself to the discoveries that have revolutionized our lives for the better. His discovery of alternating current, considered the first technological revolution, should already be enough to make him the most famous scientist in the world. Despite Tesla frequenting the high scientific and industrial society of his time, he was not interested in profit. He hoped that energy and scientific discoveries would be liberalized, making them available to all, poor and rich, alike. Even if only in recent years they have been paying the right homage , there were several scientific colleagues who already recognized the credit at the time. It is said that a journalist asked Einstein: ‘What do you feel about them? re the smartest in the world? ‘, and Einstein replied,’ You should ask Mr. Tesla. ‘


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